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Now playing on the porch: Send Me On My Way by Rusted Root

I can’t decide what is making me love this song for this beautiful Memorial Day – Is it that beachy flute, dancing with the melody or is it the way this tune makes my brain swell with summer memories of childhood? If my sticky summer days in the mid 90’s had a soundtrack, this song might be the first single on the album. And because Memorial Day is THE greatest day in a kid’s (other than my dear friend Molly who each year, without fail, sobbed on the last day of school) big world, this song is perfect.

From beach bums to businessmen, this song strikes a chord somewhere happy inside – and I find no better way to welcome the summer.

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Week One of Project 365 has been posted!

Tropical leaf in Charleston SCDogs in Charleston for Project 365Charleston SC Sunrise

When viewing the photos, make sure to click on each one to see them in full size, high resolution.

Click here to check them out, then I suggest playing hookie from work and starting your Memorial Day Weekend a little early! I will be heading west for a Nashville, cicada filled wedding and then will race home to Charleston for Monday’s alfresco activities. So, wherever you are, enjoy the holiday and make sure to relax on a porch 🙂


Project 365 is a world-wide adventure for photography enthusiasts. The goal? Take 1 photo per day, for 365 days to create a photo journal of a “year-in-the-life”. Follow me as I create a daily photo tour of Charleston, South Carolina. Then surf over to my photography website, Life Unfolding – Nancy Sisk Photography.

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This cozy bungalow welcomes all, and represents the energy of the quaint Byrnes Downs neighborhood, located just West of the Ashley River. The home itself, like all the homes in this marshfront neighborhood, was built in 1945 for one of many WW2 veterans and their families needing permanent homes.

Porch that sits West of the Ashley

Young flowers begin to bloom

With the high demand and lack of time, the V-Housing Corporation constructed these well built homes as quickly as possible. Thus, when driving thru Byrnes Downs, you will notice the cottages all look very similar – because they are! The homes in this neighborhood share 1 of 4 floor plans used during initial construction and B.D is now home to a vibrant, diverse community of young families, professionals, and a handful of elderly folks who have lived in their homes since the mid 20th century!

Chareston Porch in Byrnes Downs

The neighbors have held onto a piece of history with their vintage car collection!

When the neighborhood went through a revitalization process in the early 2000’s, most of the homes were tastefully renovated to fit today’s lifestyle while holding on to that historic charm for which this neighborhood is known.

Swing and a Porch in Byrnes Downs

A recovered swing rounds out the charm of this outdoor space

Porch Swing West of the Ashley SC

My favorite detail of the porch

And finally, let me introduce to you the most adorable porch dwellers I’ve ever met 🙂

Dogs lounging on the porch

Guarding their palace.

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Goodbye Publix. Hasta Luega Whole Foods. The Mt. Pleasant Farmers Market has opened its gates once more to offer the city dwellers a slice – or 10 – of locally grown produce, made from scratch breads and preserves, organic dairy products and more. There is nothing I look forward to more than Tuesday evenings in the Spring, Summer and Fall. However this year I might just say Summer and Fall because we said goodbye to Winter but never said hello to Spring…after this past week, it is clear that Summer was too excited and skipped his place in line.

Mt. Pleasant Farmers Market on Tuesdays
I’ve made a ritual of sorts out of Tuesday nights, and last night was no exception. I strolled through the market deciding what I would cook (or throw together) with the seasonal options offered.  A local musician strummed her guitar, dogs walked their owners, and babies teethed on wild cucumbers and juicy peaches.

Wild Cucumbers from Johns Island SC

Baby Food at Farmers Market SC

Farmers boasted why their produce was better than the next guys’ – and I’m all about self-promotion. If a farmer doesn’t love his product, chances are I won’t either.

Produce at Mt. Pleasant Farmers Market

I went home with 4 cucumbers, a crate of peaches and a Farmer’s Market staple of mine, Nicole’s Nutty Goodness (more on this must-have snack in a future post). And for dinner, I went for something light, cool and easy (since it was 90 degrees when I got home). I sliced and chilled the cucumbers, tossed them with feta cheese crumbles, toasted almonds and a few tablespoons of Greek dressing – bon appetit!

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Now playing on the porch: Young Folks by Peter Bjorn and John

A close friend of mine turned 27 at 8:37am this morning. This song seems perfect for this sunny Monday and perfect for him – happy, free-spirited and kind but he is growing up and learning the demands of being in his late 20’s…we’re not young folks…we’re not old folks…and we even make it to the office when we’d rather be whistling this tune on a porch somewhere hot and breezy. At least this birthday boy can whistle while he works!

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I'm as happy as Manuel about the progress!

We are up and running folks but are under some serious construction…

In the meantime, peruse my photography website, Life Unfolding, along with some other wonderful blogs and webpages:

Young House Love


Blue Chickadee

The Pioneer Woman

Steph Modo

Zillow Blog

And if you are wondering who that angel of a boy is in the photo above, his name is Manuel, the youngest of four children in the Rosales family hailing from Tijuana, Mexico. In June of 2009, I traveled with Double Impact-Nashville to rural Tijuana for a 9 days volunteer trip. We worked alongside the family, and the Amor Ministries team to build this adorable boy and his brother and sisters a new home. We couldn’t give them an extreme home makeover, but we could offer them a set of hands and a lot of love to build a safe house. And wouldn’t you know, they even had a covered patio. View it here, along with the rest of my photos from the trip.

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Charleston Waterfront Porch

This bright and bold screened-in porch exemplifies the character of Folly Beach and the fun-loving, laid back personalities of the couple who own this gem. It overlooks the Sunset Cay Marina on the far western tip of Folly Beach, SC and the frequenters of this space commonly watch mother dolphins raise their young in the small marina, tucked away from the dangers of the open ocean. It is the heart of the entire property – and because of it, the soul of this home is relaxed.

A marvelous waterfront porch overlooking Sunset Cay Marina

To keep the home’s vital organ beating at full strength, it boasts a Screen-Tight 800 Porch Screening system and removable vinyl shutters. A smart investment. Like eating heart healthy Cheerios…Honey Nut Cheerios…mmm

I digress.

A marvelous waterfront porch that overlooks Sunset Cay Marina

The private master suite deck (pictured 1st and to the left of the screened porch) is an open-air getaway with unblocked views of shrimp boats to sail boats meandering through the river and into the marina. To the right of the porch is a 3rd, attached deck which houses the man-grill and a separate seating area.

Does life get better than this?

Well, yes. Yes it does. This porch is for sale! Listed at $919,000 this porch comes with a 4 bedroom, 3 and 1 half bath home that features water on three sides during high tide! You can view all the pictures of this exquisite porch and home by clicking here. Or read more about it by clicking here Its worth an extra look…

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