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Have you ever walked into a home with small children and immediately realized it showed no signs of existent kids? You know the homes I am talking about: the walk-on-your-tiptoes houses because glass centerpieces rumble and the china hutch shakes when all of your weight bears down on the floor…the don’t-bump-the-accent-table properties because an original candelabra from The Tudors reign in England rests there. I always wonder how kids who grow up in these homes play inside. Internally, I morph into Fraulein Maria, holding back my sudden urge to rip down the window treatments and make play clothes for the von Trapp children. [Burst into song….now]

Home in I'on of Mt. Pleasant SC

But every so often, these houses – so elegantly decorated to perfection – offer a pleasant surprise; a special room just for children, a place where they can be children.

This property, located in the neighborhood of I’on, is one of these homes. It is meticulously and BEAUTIFULLY decorated. It is southern-authentic. And it is full of children. 4 little ones roam (not own) this home and to carve a space just for them, the owners turned the sun room to their playroom.

57 Saturday Road Charleston SC

porch furniture in sunroom

porch decorated for children

I l.o.v.e this space. I cannot put my finger on whether its the school supplies or the kid’s artwork filling the walls or the amazing organization skills of these parents. Perhaps its the bold contrast between the white room and its furniture, sprinkled with color color EVERYWHERE. I think this room inspires creativity, something kids are quickly forgetting how to harness. When I walked into this room, I felt like a happy child. And I wanted to draw on the chalkboard.

This sunroom turned playroom is clearly filled with love. And giggles. Unfortunately, the children that fill it don’t wear window curtain play clothes – but they are just as adorable.

And just outside the sun filled playroom, the outdoor space blends durable, kid-friendly amenities with an adult atmosphere for entertaining and dining al fresco.

Brick patio with table and umbrella

Backyard swing set in Charleston SC

Good backyard landscaping in Charleston SC

And just for you Sound of Music lovers out there…

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Go to the three65 tab to view this week’s photos!  Week 5 of the 365 Project has been posted!

Here is a thumbnail peek of some of this week’s shots:

Folly Beach, South Carolina

Make sure to click on each image to see all my photos of Charleston in high res!

Project 365 is a world-wide adventure for photography enthusiasts. The goal? Take 1 photo per day, for 365 days to create a photo journal of a “year-in-the-life”. Follow me as I create a daily photo tour of Charleston, South Carolina.

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Waterfront home for sale in Awendaw SC
Even on a cloudy day like this one, this traditional farm house boasts a front porch that calls for no special decor – the view itself is the adornment. And it is perfect.

Built on over 300 acres of sprawling marsh countryside, the surrounding land might relax the porch more than the porch relaxes its dwellers! It’s also easy to travel off the porch and pal around in the canoe, take a dip in the pool, or crank the speed boat for a sunset cruise from the deep water jet pier. Talk about easy access to life al fresco. 🙂

Marshes in the surrounding area of Charleston SC

Salt Water Marshland for sale

Palm Tree on marsh

This porch and the 300 waterfront acres it belongs to are for sale. Nostalgic, Low country living doesn’t get sweeter than sitting on this Mossy Grove porch with a cold iced tea, feeling the breeze dance through the Live Oaks and watching the Egrets and Herons feed in its salty marshes.

Charleston Lowcountry

Waterfront Home for sale in Awendaw SC

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It is not often I pack my camera with a composition already in my mind for a photograph. No photographer can compare his skill of photo composition with that of Life’s natural ability to compose a perfect image. Whether I am shooting sand dunes on Sullivan’s Island or farmers markets in the fall, Life has a way of giving me all the composition I need.

But recently, the left half of my brain – for once in its feeble existence – took over and developed a specific composition  for a photo I had yet to take (complete with logical, laid out colors and lines, a distinct goal to be met). It was a door weighing down the right side of my [future] image, with 2 windows balancing the middle and left portions of the photo. The building was made of brick and foliage shaped the border, thus creating a short depth of field while adding a living element that a viewer would want to smell. The sidewalk was cobble-stoned and the shutters black. The shutters had to pop. And because I do not digitally alter color (only enhance) in my photos, I knew this would be an adventure. So my search for doors in downtown Charleston began.

Charleston door

downtown charleston sc

door in downtown charleston

When I jumped in my car to head downtown, I actually thought this was going to be an easy project.

I was so wrong.

historic door

Rainbow Row Charleston SCThen I got sidetracked. Exterior spiral staircase on Rainbow Row

Battery Park in Charleston SC

Abstract photo of gate

And without warning, I found the door my imagination had designed.

downtown Charleston door

A glaring problem could not go unnoticed, however.  Blue shutters instead of black. I quit my search after taking this photo, discouraged that my composition did not exist, at least not in downtown Charleston like I hoped it would be.

It was when I sat down to edit the days shots that I saw what I had not seen during my search. The blue shutters DID pop from the image. They also blended seamlessly with the building’s green and red tones, a relationship of color I had not considered when building my original vision. It gave way to what would have been unpleasantly harsh contrasts had they been black.

Life, again, outdid my own creativity. All at once I was reminded that I am not in control – that what I was so determined to make my image would never belong to me. I simply have the opportunity to document the beauty and share it with others.



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Week 4 of Project 365 has been posted!

Iron gate South of BroadDowntown Charleston SC at the BatteryDowntown Charleston SC Property

Make sure to click on each image to see all my photos of Charleston in high res!

Project 365 is a world-wide adventure for photography enthusiasts. The goal? Take 1 photo per day, for 365 days to create a photo journal of a “year-in-the-life”. Follow me as I create a daily photo tour of Charleston, South Carolina. 

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Outside Magazine Cover 2011Okay Charleston Porch friends. Now is your chance to show the love you have for living alfresco in this amazing town!

From Outside Magazine: “For the past 15 years, we’ve scoured the nation to find America’s best places to live – those dream towns that offer the balance of great culture, breathtaking scenery, reasonable home prices, low-stress living, and, of course, easy access to the outdoors.”

The writer of the sentence above was obviously jotting down observations while meandering in and out of King Street’s art galleries and boutiques, relaxing at Battery Park, or surfing on Folly’s waves.

Outside Magazine has narrowed the list down to 10 finalists, and we have made the cut!! Now we all need to vote Charleston as the best town to give our city a great, big pat on the back that is so much deserves. Each town will be ranked based on votes, along with submissions of photography and writing that illustrate what makes it so great. Perhaps I will submit a little something from the ole’ blog?

Charleston SC - Best Town in America

Charleston as Outside Magazines best town in America

Charleston SC for Outside Magazine's best town in America

Charleston SC as Outside Magazines best town in AmericaI wonder if I can submit my entire blog! Because after all, The Charleston Porch celebrates exactly what the contest is trying to find – a city that encourages life outdoors, comprised of diverse, laid-back residents and tourists who appreciate everything that Charleston is. And if my favorite English teacher – Mrs. Kaplan – is reading this, I apologize for the run-on sentence. Charleston is just too great cram between a capital letter and a period.

So click here and VOTE!

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What a fun Tuesday night routine Party in the Park has become! Set under the Cooper River Bridge and a Charleston sunset, a local country radio station has partnered with our County Park system to host free twilight concerts throughout the summer. The background for some live music alfresco doesn’t get better than this.  And last night was none other than the fabulous new duo on the Country charts, Thompson Square!

Things to do in Charleston

Such a laid back atmosphere…kid friendly, dog friendly, beer friendly…grab some dinner and drinks at one of the vendors set up or bring your own cooler (you can fill it up with delicious veggies and snacks from the Tuesday afternoon Mt. Pleasant farmers market!) Don’t forget some chairs or a blanket, find some friends, leash up your pup and head under the bridge for a relaxing evening with great live music.

Dog Friendly Activities in Charleston SC

Summer Family Activities in Charleston SC

Things to do in Charleston SC

Charleston Concerts in Summer 2011

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