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10 weeks into the blog! I entered into the creation of a blog with very little expectations. I have a tendency to tire on the internet. I’m not a facebook junkie. I don’t tweet. And before creating this blog, I didn’t read blogs.

So today, I am giving myself a pat on the back today for 10 weeks of consistent blogging! Here’s to you – my little slice of the net – The Charleston Porch

Now, onto the photos, and happy heat-advised weekend. The gray days didn’t last long enough.

vintage coke machinedistant cooper river bridgeexterior decorbon appetitLazy hammockabstract photographyisle of pams ocean blvd

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Interior Designer in Charleston SCNow chatting on the porch: Local interior designer, Sidney Wagner

Sidney owns, operates and manages Eclectic Interior Design Group, a full-service interior design firm, specializing in residential design and professional organizing. She is also a blogger – a FABULOUS blogger. Indulge here in her quirky, musings over everything from vintage flea market finds to designer pieces on lower King. And then head to her website to see how she effortlessly – or so it seems – pulls elements from a variety of sources to create streamlined, warm interior and exterior spaces.

Interior Design by Sidney Wagner

A chat with Sidney:

What is your favorite restaurant with outdoor seating? Give me a view of the water or marsh and I am a happy girl! Throw in some live music and I am a really happy girl. And I tend to prefer the islands to downtown so I’d have to say the top deck of The Boathouse

What is your favorite thing to do in the city?  Just one? That’s tough! Ok, well I saw Sarah Jarosz at The Cistern for Spoleto and it was one of the coolest shows I have ever seen so I will go with that, seeing a concert at The Cistern.

Eclectic Interior DesignDay in the life of Sidney’s workday: It varies daily! Which is what I love most about it…I get bored easily. For the most part my days include: placing or following up on orders, meeting with clients, checking in with subs and contractors, shopping, accounting, sketching out concepts, making lists, carrying heavy objects, unpacking boxes, putting out fires, talking my clients off a ledge…..you get the idea. I love every minute of it!Sunset

Day in the life of Sidney’s day off:  I am a mix of extremely social and a total homebody so I will give you both! Both Sidney’s would start the day with a walk or bike ride around the Old Village. The Social Sidney would then hit the beach or boat with a good group of friends and grab an early dinner and beer (or two or three) somewhere on Sullivan’s. The day would involve lots of laughs and good story telling! The Homebody Sidney would spend the day working on some sort of craft project, reading design blogs, scrolling Pinterest, watching Bravo or a movie, writing, painting, taking photos, etc.

Define Charleston in 3 words: It’s My Utopia

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Just spreading some much needed color amid the gray days we’ve been experiencing in Charleston this week!

I am calmer on rainy days, the plants feel more alive and color pops out at me everywhere I turn. I take for granted how vibrant my world is – gray days point out the color that surrounds me. I am thankful.

Fire Hydrant

Boat in Harbor

pink bike on sullivans island

Drying beach towel

Bright red flower

Colorful house on a cloudy day

Vintage flower pot

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Now playing on the porch: You Give Me Something by James Morrison

No relation to Van Morrison, shockingly…because although I fear saying this, he might be just as talented and I can definitely hear this kid belting Brown Eyed Girl and singing it just as perfectly as ole Van. I’d love to see them in concert together.

I listened to this song on repeat this weekend and it has carried over to Monday!

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Let me preface this post by saying I am not a cat person. I am allergic to them. Very allergic. It was a childhood tragedy as my mom would drop me off for sleepovers with friends and as I’d shut the car door she would say, “Just don’t touch their cat!” Sure enough though, my love for animals would get the best of me and I would be calling home before bed to be picked up because my eyes were swollen and my nosed stuffed.

So here’s to you, all the little kitties I’ve never been able to cuddle.

These cute kitties belong to my neighbor, and Biscuit has slowly become friends with the new animals in her backyard! Here is a look at the friends I wish I could pet. Photographs will have to do – and they LOVE the camera!

Cute house catBackyard CatSleeping cat in a flower potCat with gorgeous eyesSleeping cat on car

Cat on carPensive CatHouse cat on a carCat perching on a carOutside catThinking cat

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Week 9 of my 365 Project has been posted to the Three65 TAB on the top right corner of my blog! Check it out now! If you don’t go to the tab you won’t be able to see ALL SEVEN photos from this week (along with weeks 1-8). Below is just a sneak peek 🙂

Lounging Cat on carMarion Square skylineHappy hour at Rue de Jean

Make sure to click on each image to see all my photos of Charleston in high res!

Project 365 is a world-wide adventure for photography enthusiasts. The goal? Take 1 photo per day, for 365 days to create a photo journal of a “year-in-the-life”. Follow me as I create a daily photo tour of Charleston, South Carolina.

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You don’t have to own a yacht to enjoy the Charleston City Marina. And on a breezy day full of sunshine (after a bout of some extreme weather this past week), a morning on the harbor doesn’t get more picture-perfect. I watched the launch of Charleston’s first and only Outrigger Canoe for 6 paddlers (known as an OC-6 in paddler speak) nestle into its new home on the Charleston Harbor. Get excited ladies and gents because this baby will soon be offering adventure tours, workout sessions, lessons and leisure paddles all over Charleston. More on this great Low country opportunity later.

On this day, my Nikon overslept and I left him at home.

The camera phone sufficed.

So take a stroll through the Harbor. The boats are beautiful. The people are friendly. And the views are to die for.

Outrigger Canoe in CharlestonPete LempesisBridge over Charleston HarborRope on a dockCharleston City MarinaBoatsCharleston on the waterSailboat in Charleston

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