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stormy skies

After the colossal storm Sullivan’s experienced 2 nights ago, I’ve decided to make Photo Friday a double post day.  So I will post my three65 photos in a bit, but for now, I just can’t pass up on sharing some of the ominous clouds I have caught with my camera over the past week or so.  Loving my first hurricane season…as long as the only spectacle they bring are these amazing cloudscapes. See more skyscapes here.

Storm on the horizonContrasts in the skySunset StormLonely water towerStorm Clouds

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Nothing describes quintessential Charleston life like the photograph below (if you replace the cat with a dog…no offense cat lovers, but a dog would be so much more fitting to lounge on this porch):

Cat lounging in the shadeWhen the owners built this home in the mid 1990’s, they had one thought in mind – owning a million dollar view. And their investment paid off, because right now…they literally own a million dollar view…this home is currently on the market for $945,000. And here is what you get for that pretty little penny.Amazing Charleston PorchHome with waterfront viewDock on a tidal creek

Is that the Sullivans Island light house I see in the distance? I believe it is…(oh how the wide angle lens distorts the view…the photo below is the ACTUAL view)

Lighthouse on Sullivans - a view from the porchHere are some of my favorite shots from my morning spent on this gorgeous porch.

Reflecting HomeMirrored ViewsSullivans in B&WWant to check out the home? Click here or view the video tour below, created by our amazing videographers at Keen Eye Marketing.

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A few quick shots from the sunrise this morning leaving sullivan’s island. taken spur of the moment from a moving car. Luckily my camera settings were on point! Better quality photos, shot with more love and attention to composition coming soon 🙂

Sunrise at the beachBeach skyTechnicolor Sunrise

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Now playing on the porch: I Was Made For Sunny Days by The Weepies

Love this happy tune – always reminds me of my best good friend, Courtney, who seems to chase the sunshine. Or maybe it chases her 🙂 Whether its rain or shine, she finds a way to make all of her days sunny.

So even though sky is gray today, I think I’ll choose to have a sunny day!

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Happy Rainy Friday!

It is legitimately c.o.l.d in Chucktown, and I am loving it. For the first time (if only for a short time) it feels like Fall. And gloomy days are the best when I have lots of office work because I’m not tempted to duck out early and hit the beach 🙂

Project 365 is a world-wide adventure for photography enthusiasts. The goal? Take 1 photo per day, for 365 days to create a photo journal of a “year-in-the-life”. Follow me as I create a daily photo tour of Charleston, South Carolina.

Toy SailboatBirds on a wireDogs at dinnerDragonboat Finish161 Mary Ellen DriveInkeyIsle of Palms at Dusk

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Clearly I am still in the honeymoon phase of living in Charleston. It has been a year since I moved here and my drive to and from work still amazes me. I cross two rivers and the intracoastal waterway every morning, each day seeing something new. (Could be a fun photography project to shoot my drive to work one morning?)

Maybe everyone living in Charleston is in a honeymoon phase with their city – how can you not be when you are surrounded by a landscape like this?

Porch with a viewA quiet Ashley RiverFlight over the AshleyLongborough neighborhood dockCharleston Marsh GrassRelax on a swing

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Below is a memory I have of meeting Pat Summitt for the first time, in conjunction with my weekly song feature.

Now playing on the porch: Nothing Lasts Forever by Brett Dennen

This song has always been one that I play when I am studying, going to sleep or just relaxing on my porch. I listened to it yesterday and all of a sudden it had new meaning. I don’t think I ever really listened to the lyrics. Or at least not fully. I always imagined this song to be a meditation on death, and how it is a natural, final step in life…and that, as Brett Dennen says, “Nothing Lasts Forever, not even the sun”.

This song is not about death. It is about Alzheimer’s disease. And having not been able to shake the news of Pat Summitt’s recent diagnosis, this song has never been more poignant.

I remember when Coach Summitt spoke to my school. I was 11, and determined to play Division 1 college basketball. I clung to every word she said that day. While the other girls in my class were passing notes, I was taking notes. When she finished, I circled “It’s important to give a firm hand shake.” I went to an all-girls school and Pat Summitt being the brilliant inspiration that she is, her speech was on the importance of confidence – in school, in life and on the court. So while the assembly gave a standing ovation, I scurried to the front of the auditorium and waited in the autograph line. But when I made it to the front, I didn’t ask for anything. I stuck my hand out to shake hers, squeezed as confidently as my 11 year old hand could, and said “My name is Nancy Sisk and I am going to play for you one day.” She squeezed back, gave me her infamous half smile and said, “Well then I look forward to seeing you in Knoxville Miss Sisk.”

I didn’t play for Pat Summitt. But I have carried the lesson she taught me during that speech and in our 5 second exchange forever.

So, listen, reflect and pray for her, and the Lady Vols family. And the next time you meet someone, give them a firm hand shake and exude the confidence that she is using to face her toughest competition yet. Because if anyone knows how to win, it’s Coach Summitt.

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