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Container ship on the horizonContainer ship in B and WContainer ship sillouetteClimbing container ship

The weight of the container ship easing around the bend of the island was almost overwhelming. I wanted to portray that heaviness with the tilt of my lens – as if the ship had to muscle through the calm waters.

Container ship in the distance

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The Setting: 100 acres of pluff mud and marsh grass about 30 minutes outside of downtown Charleston.

Marshlands and Pluff MudThe Plot: 5 friends plan to go camping with two mutts and a German Short Haired Pointer. At the last minute, one of the friends decides to dog sit and bring a Golden Retriever, and another friend brings his father’s Chocolate Lab and junkyard dog, along with his sister’s Labra Doodle (did I spell that right? Is that even a real dog? Yes, yes it is.) All are in for a fun filled night of incessant barking. Who knew a dog pack 7 strong would stay up ALL night on constant alert for raccoons and abominable marshmen?

The Characters:

Mutt #1

Mutt #1 - Biscuit

Mutt #2

Mutt #2 - Turkey

A true hunting Dog

The Pointer - Shooter

A dirty golden

The Beast - Linus

Ole Reliable

Ole Reliable - Chip

Mutt Dog

Junkyard Dog - Otto ... No really, see those two leashes hanging from his collar? He bit through them after we leashed him to a tree for causing trouble.

The bountiful Labradoodle

The bountiful Labradoodle - Homer

Here are some of my favorite action shots from the trip

Golden Retriever shaking offWaiting to retrieveDogs looking for a ballChip leads the wayDogs at play

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This poor porch…

An unloved porchIt could be so lovely. Unfortunately it has seen its fair share of short term relationships. A rare week-to-week rental on Sullivan’s Island, this porch gets used, abused and then reused. And all it really wants is someone to give it a real chance at love. A long, lasting relationship. Someone who will sweep its floor on fall mornings, clothe it with warm, inviting furniture, and relax on it during summer nights. It has so much potential…it could be this:

A loved porch

Remember this porch from a few months back? A warm, loved porch

It even wraps around, overlooking a private pool..

A lonely porch with a great viewSullivans Island home with a poolThis porch even comes with an added bonus…an additional porch! Located off the master suite, this porch could set the mood for romantic evenings and lazy mornings. It offers views of the Atlantic and privacy of the island’s natural dunes. But for now, it must settle for week long flings or 3 day romances.

Master Suite Private PorchGive these porches the family of their dreams… Buy it today, for only $2,250,000. 🙂 If the porches are feeling generous, they will throw in 6 bedrooms, 5 baths and over 5,000 square feet of luxury beach charm.

Why not take a walk through tour? Click here. Then give me a call and I’ll set up a showing for you!

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Something magical happens when daylight savings time ends in Charleston. The sky can shift from baby blue to grapefruit pink to blood orange in a matter of seconds. I’ve never seen such a diverse and ever changing skyscape. On this evening, I was lucky enough to capture some of the beauty.

So the next time I complain about shorter days, I need to remember to look up. And give thanks.

Twilight over the waterDusk in the LowcountryRainbow sunsetNovember SunsetBlood orange sunset

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You would think that Charleston, of all waterfront towns, would be a biker friendly city. With an active urban center built of cobble stoned streets and one way traffic patterns, biking should be an attractive alternative to driving.  Coupled with Charleston’s evident commitment to preserving its precious ecosystem and a passionate college community, the Lowcountry should be a leading example of a southern city on the move.

Is Charleston a biker friendly town?

That's just me and my beach cruiser on the day of purchase. I bought it, put it in the back of my car, drove over 2 bridges and unloaded it on Sullivans...what a waste of gas 😦

But we aren’t. Our biker unfriendly bridge and road system actually isolates riders. Because downtown Charleston is a peninsula, we must cross one of three bridges to reach any of the many residential neighborhoods the area offers. And the only viable option to do so is by car.

A sparse few bike the James Island connector, and even the most experienced put themselves in danger. This past July, Charleston lost one of its beloved residents to a bicycle-vehicle accident on this very bridge (full story Affordabikehere). Crossing the Ashley River bridge is even worse. A narrow, raised sidewalk for pedestrians and bikers is the only means of travel if you decide to leave your car at home.

I wish I could ride my bike a half mile to Publix, but I would not dare leave the Sullivans Island city limits on my beach cruiser.

The painted line that separates the bike lane from the rest of the road is not going to protect me from a texter at the wheel, or a driver who simply gazes from his window at the marsh land and coastal wildlife.

There is light at the end of this tunnel road, however. 2 of them, in fact.

First, Charleston already boasts one AMAZING example of a share-the-road success. The Ravenel Bridge (commonly known as the Cooper River Bridge) is safe for bikers and pedestrians of all ages and experience levels, and gives drivers some added peace of mind. Protected by a 3 foot concrete barrier, riders and walkers can trek the 3 mile suspension bridge without fear. It is extremely well marked, easy to enter and easy to exit.  Battery to Beach Route

The second beam of hope is Charleston Moves, a non-profit organization that is seeking to “change the lives of Charlestonians by promoting bicycling, walking, running and public transportation.” To ignite this effort, the group has created an ambitious plan to build a safe, 24 mile bike route that spans from Isle of Palms through downtown Charleston, all the way to Folly Beach. Coined Battery to Beach, the initiative is raising money by allowing individuals, groups and companies to “rent sections” along the route. The money donated will go toward planning and building a route that is marked with clear signage and protected by more than a painted white line, or a patch of grass.

Watch their video. Get inspired. And then get moving!

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Meet Bessie.

Where is Bessie?There she is!

Meet Ben.

Happy BabyI met the pair yesterday during an interior home session, and as much as I love real estate photography, these two were just so much more fun to shoot! And how could they not be? A couch can’t smile, or wag its tail.

Here are some of the photos from the afternoon!

Pensive Bessie

Playing with pots and pansCanine Companion and his friendStay away little Baby

My food, not yours

Watch it baby. I'm the boss.

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porch: relax and unwind

Spend a few hours on this amazing porch (or observation deck or deep water dock or multiple 2nd level balconies) and you will leave rejuvenated and recharged. That was the goal these owners had in mind when they built this classic, wrap-around Low country porch with unobstructed views of Cap’n Sams Creek and the Atlantic coastline. Screened porch with ocean viewsDine Al FrescoPorch views on Seabrook IslandFrom the downstairs master suite, you can walk straight to the dock to fish, kayak or lounge the day away.

Up da Creek dockHead to the upstairs master suite (decorated simply for a little girl) and you can catch some z’s in a hammock on the private screened porch.

Girls Bedroom with a screened balconyBut if you prefer to stay outside, head to the observation deck and relax your soul.

Saltwater marshesTidal Creek viewThe interior is just as stunning as the landscape. Check out the video below!

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