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Face your fear of spiders and scroll…

…you may surprise yourself and decide they are beautiful!

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Here are 2 cool facts I learned about banana spiders (I would have given 3 facts, but I doubt anyone is reading this, and you certainly won’t get past 2 if you haven’t already clicked out of my blog):

  1. They were formally known as Golden Silk Orb Weavers. Prince ain’t got nothin’ on that formally known as name! I wish I was formally known as an orb weaver of golden silk.
  2. Every banana spider we see is a female. Male banana spiders are tiny, brown, free-loaders. Literally, they live on the female-made golden orb, providing nothing, eating whatever they want, sleeping whenever they want, and…doing…it…whenever they want. Ladies, learn from these 8-legged females. Don’t weave yourself into¬†a banana spider relationship.

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