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I’ve lived in Charleston for a year.Pet Helpers logo

I have not given 1 hour of my time to a local volunteer effort.

This changes today.

I just got back from an orientation to become a volunteer at Pet Helpers, a local non-profit organization committed to ending animal euthanasia of all adoptable cats and dogs in the Low country. Here is their full mission statement. By offering a plethora of services – everything from affordable spay/neuter clinics to animal cruelty prosecution aid – Pet Helpers has made a substantial impact in Charleston and Berkley Counties. Substantial is not enough though. Dogs who WOULD become treasured members of wonderful families still sit in shelter cages…cats who WOULD have loving families still live behind glass windows…and the longer they live a shelter life, the less likely they are to be adopted. Play the Sarah Mclachlan music….now.

Why did I choose Pet Helpers?

Muffin - 1992

My first dog - rescued in 1992

Specimen A – Muffin

Biscuit and Turk at Christmas

My dog and my boyfriends dog - rescued in 2008 and 2004 respectively

 Specimen B and C – Biscuit and Turk

Dog driving car

My college roommate's dog - rescued in 2009

Specimen D – Mabie

Pet Helpers offers a one-of-a-kind volunteer program, providing the opportunity for all their volunteers to truly put their skills to work. It is an extremely personalized and flexible program – if your background is graphic design, you can volunteer to work on the Pet Helpers website. If you enjoy public speaking, fundraising and adoption events are held where you can be the voice for these animals. Or if you’re not sure how your skills can be put to use, you can come in to walk dogs, socialize and train cats and simply give the animals needed time out of their crates, cages or rooms. Best of all, it is on your time. Because I work a regular 9-5, I can schedule volunteer hours on Saturdays and Sundays. And the organization is appreciative and welcoming of your 1 hour or 100 hours of time given.

The facility is warm, inviting and clean (I will take my own pictures soon!). The goal is for the shelter to not feel like a shelter. Cats are socialized by being placed in window-filled rooms with couches and toys and ladders. Dogs are given exercise in the outside runs and play areas. 2 full-time vets, a full-time trainer and a passionate staff team keep Pet Helpers safe, clean and inviting. Oh, a $90,000 dollars…a month.

The monthly costs includes:Entrance to Pet Helpers

  • Mortgage payments
  • Utilities
  • Insurance
  • Supplies
  • Food
  • Medicine
  • Maintenance
  • Salaries for staff

Because Pet Helpers is a limited-admission shelter, they cannot apply for state or federal funding. Limited-admission means that when they reach capacity, they don’t allow incoming animals until the current animals find homes. This is why volunteers are SO IMPORTANT!

Pet Helpers is strongly against the euthanasia of healthy, adoptable animals and because of this, they do not work with animal control centers (government agencies) who unload their captured animals onto shelters to be euthanized. This dissention with animal control thus, denies Pet Helpers extra funding to accommodate for the care (or in this case, the murder) of innocent animals. Pet Helpers IS a member of the ASPCA and is in direct partnership with the Charleston Animal Society and Humane Net.

The need for volunteers is greater than ever, and I am excited about the opportunity I will have in the coming months to help save lives and make lives – for the humans and the animals.

Stay tuned and donate today!

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Let me preface this post by saying I am not a cat person. I am allergic to them. Very allergic. It was a childhood tragedy as my mom would drop me off for sleepovers with friends and as I’d shut the car door she would say, “Just don’t touch their cat!” Sure enough though, my love for animals would get the best of me and I would be calling home before bed to be picked up because my eyes were swollen and my nosed stuffed.

So here’s to you, all the little kitties I’ve never been able to cuddle.

These cute kitties belong to my neighbor, and Biscuit has slowly become friends with the new animals in her backyard! Here is a look at the friends I wish I could pet. Photographs will have to do – and they LOVE the camera!

Cute house catBackyard CatSleeping cat in a flower potCat with gorgeous eyesSleeping cat on car

Cat on carPensive CatHouse cat on a carCat perching on a carOutside catThinking cat

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