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Now playing on the porch: Home To You by The Peasall Sisters

Favorite new folk artists! These girls are phenomenal. 10 years ago – when they were 7, 10 and 13 years old – they broke into the national music scene by recording tracks for the infamous Oh Brother, Where Art Thou? film. Since then, they have performed at Radio City Music Hall, Carnegie Hall and The Grand Ole Opry, to name a few venues. Their 2nd album, Home To You, shares with the world their beautiful voices, reminiscent of Alison Krauss and Sara Watkins (of Nickel Creek). Listen, love, and then thank a rural Tennessee town for producing such a talent!

There is something about folk music that seems to welcome cooler weather and changing leaves. I can imagine these girls playing at Saturday farmer’s markets and October pumpkin patches.

So Fall, I give you the talented Peasall Sisters!

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Now playing on the porch: I Was Made For Sunny Days by The Weepies

Love this happy tune – always reminds me of my best good friend, Courtney, who seems to chase the sunshine. Or maybe it chases her 🙂 Whether its rain or shine, she finds a way to make all of her days sunny.

So even though sky is gray today, I think I’ll choose to have a sunny day!

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Below is a memory I have of meeting Pat Summitt for the first time, in conjunction with my weekly song feature.

Now playing on the porch: Nothing Lasts Forever by Brett Dennen

This song has always been one that I play when I am studying, going to sleep or just relaxing on my porch. I listened to it yesterday and all of a sudden it had new meaning. I don’t think I ever really listened to the lyrics. Or at least not fully. I always imagined this song to be a meditation on death, and how it is a natural, final step in life…and that, as Brett Dennen says, “Nothing Lasts Forever, not even the sun”.

This song is not about death. It is about Alzheimer’s disease. And having not been able to shake the news of Pat Summitt’s recent diagnosis, this song has never been more poignant.

I remember when Coach Summitt spoke to my school. I was 11, and determined to play Division 1 college basketball. I clung to every word she said that day. While the other girls in my class were passing notes, I was taking notes. When she finished, I circled “It’s important to give a firm hand shake.” I went to an all-girls school and Pat Summitt being the brilliant inspiration that she is, her speech was on the importance of confidence – in school, in life and on the court. So while the assembly gave a standing ovation, I scurried to the front of the auditorium and waited in the autograph line. But when I made it to the front, I didn’t ask for anything. I stuck my hand out to shake hers, squeezed as confidently as my 11 year old hand could, and said “My name is Nancy Sisk and I am going to play for you one day.” She squeezed back, gave me her infamous half smile and said, “Well then I look forward to seeing you in Knoxville Miss Sisk.”

I didn’t play for Pat Summitt. But I have carried the lesson she taught me during that speech and in our 5 second exchange forever.

So, listen, reflect and pray for her, and the Lady Vols family. And the next time you meet someone, give them a firm hand shake and exude the confidence that she is using to face her toughest competition yet. Because if anyone knows how to win, it’s Coach Summitt.

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Now playing on the porch: Hold My Hand by Hootie, the Blowfish and Elmo

As if my love for Darius Rucker could grow any deeper, this discovery may have just solidified my adoration. I don’t need to explain why I am playing this right now. Darius Rucker + Elmo = best recording EVER.

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Now playing on the porch: Waiting On An Angel by Ben Harper, covered by Kina Grannis

Since my Pet Helpers orientation, this song has been dancing around in my head so of course, it needed to hit Monday’s Tune. When I typed it into YouTube, I was super excited to see that one of my very favorite Youtube sensations, Kina Grannis, had covered it. And she does it BEAUTIFULLY. This song will pull at the heart strings of the coldest of spirits…so listen, enjoy and then donate to Pet Helpers today – all the animals are just waiting on an angel to carry them home 😦

Then check out all of Kina’s covers and originals. She is AMAZING. And she is going to be BIG.

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Now playing on the porch: New Shoes by Paolo Nutini

 Check out this strapping, young Scottish lad in one of his most popular tunes…can’t wait for him to continue recording…he is GREAT!

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Now playing on the porch: You Give Me Something by James Morrison

No relation to Van Morrison, shockingly…because although I fear saying this, he might be just as talented and I can definitely hear this kid belting Brown Eyed Girl and singing it just as perfectly as ole Van. I’d love to see them in concert together.

I listened to this song on repeat this weekend and it has carried over to Monday!

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