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Charleston Real Estate AgentNow chatting on the porch: Molly Conn with The Cassina Group, LLC

Well, she isn’t really chatting – she is too busy selling real estate and becoming a national reality TV star. Yes, that’s right….my co-worker and friend will be featured on HGTV’s HOUSE HUNTERS tonight!!

Watch Molly as she navigates the Charleston real estate market to help two first time home buyers find their perfect home. With high expectations and a tight budget, Molly definitely had her work cut out for her – and had a camera in her face during the process.

I was more excited about having a new claim to fame than Molly was to be her friends’ claim to fame. I l.o.v.e House Hunters too. It might be the most addicting show on TV, and it has gotten me through many a rainy afternoon in the winter time.House Hunters - Monday, Sept 12, 8pm

I tried to organize a surprise viewing party at a local dive bar but Molly knew better. She fled for the upstate, knowing her Charleston groupies would be up to something. So I will have to be content watching her National TV debut with a glass of wine and Biscuit (my faithful canine companion) by my side.

I will stop gushing and tell you some things you might not know about Molly – in list form, because lists are my favorite.

  1. Molly has been a Charleston realtor since 2002 (this one doesn’t count because its obvious and boring)
  2. Molly sits on an exercise ball in the office. You should try it!
  3. Molly loves the Greek Village Salad at Papa ZuZu’s and loves eating it at her desk while I am starving.
  4. Molly’s favorite listing is 68 W. 9th Street on Folly Beach (it is an AWESOME HOUSE on the backside of Folly Beach)
  5. Molly is camera shy.
  6. Molly is a blogger. Check it out here
  7. Molly drives a red Hummer.
  8. Molly used to be a gymnast. Here is an embarrassing picture of her: Gymnasts circa 1980
  9. So tune in and watch as this little gymnast turned realtor rocks the Charleston real estate market!!

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Interior Designer in Charleston SCNow chatting on the porch: Local interior designer, Sidney Wagner

Sidney owns, operates and manages Eclectic Interior Design Group, a full-service interior design firm, specializing in residential design and professional organizing. She is also a blogger – a FABULOUS blogger. Indulge here in her quirky, musings over everything from vintage flea market finds to designer pieces on lower King. And then head to her website to see how she effortlessly – or so it seems – pulls elements from a variety of sources to create streamlined, warm interior and exterior spaces.

Interior Design by Sidney Wagner

A chat with Sidney:

What is your favorite restaurant with outdoor seating? Give me a view of the water or marsh and I am a happy girl! Throw in some live music and I am a really happy girl. And I tend to prefer the islands to downtown so I’d have to say the top deck of The Boathouse

What is your favorite thing to do in the city?  Just one? That’s tough! Ok, well I saw Sarah Jarosz at The Cistern for Spoleto and it was one of the coolest shows I have ever seen so I will go with that, seeing a concert at The Cistern.

Eclectic Interior DesignDay in the life of Sidney’s workday: It varies daily! Which is what I love most about it…I get bored easily. For the most part my days include: placing or following up on orders, meeting with clients, checking in with subs and contractors, shopping, accounting, sketching out concepts, making lists, carrying heavy objects, unpacking boxes, putting out fires, talking my clients off a ledge…..you get the idea. I love every minute of it!Sunset

Day in the life of Sidney’s day off:  I am a mix of extremely social and a total homebody so I will give you both! Both Sidney’s would start the day with a walk or bike ride around the Old Village. The Social Sidney would then hit the beach or boat with a good group of friends and grab an early dinner and beer (or two or three) somewhere on Sullivan’s. The day would involve lots of laughs and good story telling! The Homebody Sidney would spend the day working on some sort of craft project, reading design blogs, scrolling Pinterest, watching Bravo or a movie, writing, painting, taking photos, etc.

Define Charleston in 3 words: It’s My Utopia

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