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Waterfront home for sale in Awendaw SC
Even on a cloudy day like this one, this traditional farm house boasts a front porch that calls for no special decor – the view itself is the adornment. And it is perfect.

Built on over 300 acres of sprawling marsh countryside, the surrounding land might relax the porch more than the porch relaxes its dwellers! It’s also easy to travel off the porch and pal around in the canoe, take a dip in the pool, or crank the speed boat for a sunset cruise from the deep water jet pier. Talk about easy access to life al fresco. 🙂

Marshes in the surrounding area of Charleston SC

Salt Water Marshland for sale

Palm Tree on marsh

This porch and the 300 waterfront acres it belongs to are for sale. Nostalgic, Low country living doesn’t get sweeter than sitting on this Mossy Grove porch with a cold iced tea, feeling the breeze dance through the Live Oaks and watching the Egrets and Herons feed in its salty marshes.

Charleston Lowcountry

Waterfront Home for sale in Awendaw SC

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This cozy bungalow welcomes all, and represents the energy of the quaint Byrnes Downs neighborhood, located just West of the Ashley River. The home itself, like all the homes in this marshfront neighborhood, was built in 1945 for one of many WW2 veterans and their families needing permanent homes.

Porch that sits West of the Ashley

Young flowers begin to bloom

With the high demand and lack of time, the V-Housing Corporation constructed these well built homes as quickly as possible. Thus, when driving thru Byrnes Downs, you will notice the cottages all look very similar – because they are! The homes in this neighborhood share 1 of 4 floor plans used during initial construction and B.D is now home to a vibrant, diverse community of young families, professionals, and a handful of elderly folks who have lived in their homes since the mid 20th century!

Chareston Porch in Byrnes Downs

The neighbors have held onto a piece of history with their vintage car collection!

When the neighborhood went through a revitalization process in the early 2000’s, most of the homes were tastefully renovated to fit today’s lifestyle while holding on to that historic charm for which this neighborhood is known.

Swing and a Porch in Byrnes Downs

A recovered swing rounds out the charm of this outdoor space

Porch Swing West of the Ashley SC

My favorite detail of the porch

And finally, let me introduce to you the most adorable porch dwellers I’ve ever met 🙂

Dogs lounging on the porch

Guarding their palace.

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Charleston Waterfront Porch

This bright and bold screened-in porch exemplifies the character of Folly Beach and the fun-loving, laid back personalities of the couple who own this gem. It overlooks the Sunset Cay Marina on the far western tip of Folly Beach, SC and the frequenters of this space commonly watch mother dolphins raise their young in the small marina, tucked away from the dangers of the open ocean. It is the heart of the entire property – and because of it, the soul of this home is relaxed.

A marvelous waterfront porch overlooking Sunset Cay Marina

To keep the home’s vital organ beating at full strength, it boasts a Screen-Tight 800 Porch Screening system and removable vinyl shutters. A smart investment. Like eating heart healthy Cheerios…Honey Nut Cheerios…mmm

I digress.

A marvelous waterfront porch that overlooks Sunset Cay Marina

The private master suite deck (pictured 1st and to the left of the screened porch) is an open-air getaway with unblocked views of shrimp boats to sail boats meandering through the river and into the marina. To the right of the porch is a 3rd, attached deck which houses the man-grill and a separate seating area.

Does life get better than this?

Well, yes. Yes it does. This porch is for sale! Listed at $919,000 this porch comes with a 4 bedroom, 3 and 1 half bath home that features water on three sides during high tide! You can view all the pictures of this exquisite porch and home by clicking here. Or read more about it by clicking here Its worth an extra look…

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My love for porches can be traced back to a project my dad began for my older brothers before my parents knew a little girl was on the way.

We didn’t actually have a porch at my childhood home. Instead, we had an extension of my dad’s endless creativity – a tree house built for the boys (and future baby girl) whom he so lovingly adored, and still does!

The 1486 Woodmont Blvd Treehouse was a sight to be marveled and reveled in by every child and every inner child that entered my family’s eclectic backyard. Spanning American Beech and Winged Elm trees, my afternoons were spent in imaginary Ghost Buster and Peter Pan lands – creations of my brothers of course – and I happily tagged along in these make-believe worlds with cousins, friends and parents alike.

The beginning of my love affair with porches

Brothers during construction in the early 80's

During the summer, we visited my great aunt Ruth and uncle Henry Read in a quiet, wooded neighborhood of Atlanta. Always in tow for these visits were my cherished Georgia cousins who, looking back, made the memories that solidified my love for porches. It was on Aunt Ruth’s unique screened porch that we laughed during home-cooked southern meals, collected caterpillars in jars and took naps with Uncle Henry’s legendary porch dog, Lucille. It was there that I learned to play Go Fish and War, developed an addiction to fresh Georgia peaches and found a new love for living alfresco. I dreaded having to leave Atlanta in the summertime but in retrospect, what I hated parting with was the Read family porch. Because even as a child, it relaxed my energetic soul.

Family Porch in Atlanta GA

Family enjoy the porch in the late 70's, pre-children

Ruth and Henry Read - 2007

It wasn’t until we moved into the house my mom currently lives in that experienced life with a real porch and finally had an outdoor living space I could enjoy throughout the year. The Porch is multi-functional and is equipped to handle a variety of crowds – it has hosted holiday family dinners, been the late-night landing spot for friends after a night out, and has been the breeding ground for intellectual and not so intellectual conversations that never seem to end. It is home to a diverse collection of art collected and gifted from all over the world and has become a space all its own. The Porch lets you laugh. It lets you cry. It lets you reminisce and lets you unwind. In short, the space lets you be you and embodies the only thing a porch really needs – a personal touch and a lot of love.

It is no wonder that when I began my adult life in Charleston, I was not only ecstatic to find an array of porches, from the grand historic piazzas of downtown Charleston, to the quaint beach bungalows of Folly Beach and Sullivan’s Island. And after just a year of living in this one-of-a-kind town, I’ve come to understand that Charleston has the same effect on me as the porches in my life – both relax my soul.

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