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This is my 3rd 4th of July spent in the beautiful Low country.

In 2009 I experienced the infamous Folly Beach 4th of July – fueling up at Berts Market for our booze, a long day in the sun, a pit stop at Taco Boy and a downtown firework finale. It is no coincidence that this was my final 4th of July as a college student. In short, it was a fun, exhausting, “one-and-done” experience.

In 2010, I ventured out on a  Cobalt Bowrider for a 4th of July at sea with friends. We ordered boatside takeout at California Dreaming and watched the fireworks show from the middle of the harbor. But getting back to land was stressful, to say the least. Thank you to the DNR and the Coast Guard for keeping us safe from our fellow, less responsible, boaters.

BUT THIS YEAR, on July 4th, 2011, I experienced the ultimate celebration of America, of family and friends – and yes – of a Charleston porch filled with love and laughter. I threw on my swimsuit and joined my boyfriend’s wonderful family for a Lowcountry cookout on their AMAZING marsh front porch.

We flew a kite!

Flying a kite over the marsh

It took off pretty fast.

Rainbow kite over the marshAnd flew high.

Kite flying in Charleston Really high!!

Lets go fly a kite

Then we played some wiffle ball.

Woofer Ball in Charleston

This sport bears its name for good reason.

Wiffing the woofer ball

And then, when our batter connected, he hit it out of the park.

So we searched for the ball.

Woofer ball searching

But gave up.

Charleston friends on 4th of July

We tromped around the creek at low tide.

Charleston saltwater marshes

And laughed on the dock.

Laughing at lowtide

4th of July relaxation in Charleston

The dogs hijacked the boat.

Boat dogs

And then we flew the kite…this time at twilight.

Flying a kite at night

Waited for the night with some guitar strumming.

Olivia Conner strums on guitarAnd finally….

The sparks flew!

Fireworks on 4th of July

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