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Meet Bessie.

Where is Bessie?There she is!

Meet Ben.

Happy BabyI met the pair yesterday duringĀ an interior home session, and as much as I love real estate photography, these two were just so much more fun to shoot! And how could they not be? A couch can’t smile, or wag its tail.

Here are some of the photos from the afternoon!

Pensive Bessie

Playing with pots and pansCanine Companion and his friendStay away little Baby

My food, not yours

Watch it baby. I'm the boss.

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10 weeks into the blog! I entered into the creation of a blog with very little expectations. I have a tendency to tire on the internet. I’m not a facebook junkie. I don’t tweet. And before creating this blog, I didn’t read blogs.

So today, I am giving myself a pat on the back today for 10 weeks of consistent blogging! Here’s to you – my little slice of the net – The Charleston Porch

Now, onto the photos, and happy heat-advised weekend. The gray days didn’t last long enough.

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