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Resting Gazebo over waterI walk the dockGazebo on GlassPurple Night over Bristol Marina

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4 of my 7 daily sky photos this past week were taken from Brittlebank Park, a green space in downtown Charleston that overlooks the Ashley River. Check out the photos…maybe I should tweak the rules, again, and shoot solely at Brittlebank! The sky was mesmerizing.

5pm clouds at Brittlebank ParkSit, and enjoy the sunsetMorning DriveGood night MoonTwilight on the waterResting Boats on the marshIndustrial Sky

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Chairs at a tableA shot from my photo shoot at 1714 Middle Street. I love that the owners couple this  grand, formal dining table with vintage, mismatched chairs. Elegance meets fun. More about this fantastic home and additional photos here.

Thunder BiscuitThis is Biscuit resting in her Thunder Shirt. My anxious border collie mix usually burrows beneath blankets, under beds or curls herself snuggly into a human’s lap to take a snooze, but the shirt cures her anxiety during times when she feels scared (and that is almost always). If you have a dog with anxiety, ranging from thunderstorms to vacuum cleaners, check out more on the ThunderShirt here. Its a miracle product.

Shem Creek from Fishermen Loading ZoneShem Creek right before sunset…from the Shrimper’s dock. Shh, don’t tell I sneaked on to steal this photo. The lighting was just too good not to break the rules! This is one of the first photos I took with my Nikon Coolpix S8200. Loving it already!

Self Portrait of SortsA self portrait of sorts!

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I used my Coolpix for every photo this week. Good because it was so accessible and easy, but I don’t want to get completely comfortable with using a point and shoot for every photo during this 2nd attempt! By nature, the photos become less thoughtful. So, while it was a fun, easy week of sky shooting, next week I am going to make a true effort to only use my Coolpix when I really can’t pull out my dSLR. Enjoy! And check out the Three65 tab to see all my progress!

January 8-14

Before Sunset at Hog Island PointBefore the storm on Sullivans IslandSun bursting through the stormFar Away Cooper RiverCooper River Bridge up closePretty even in the industrial zoneSalt Marsh Warmth

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Nothing describes quintessential Charleston life like the photograph below (if you replace the cat with a dog…no offense cat lovers, but a dog would be so much more fitting to lounge on this porch):

Cat lounging in the shadeWhen the owners built this home in the mid 1990’s, they had one thought in mind – owning a million dollar view. And their investment paid off, because right now…they literally own a million dollar view…this home is currently on the market for $945,000. And here is what you get for that pretty little penny.Amazing Charleston PorchHome with waterfront viewDock on a tidal creek

Is that the Sullivans Island light house I see in the distance? I believe it is…(oh how the wide angle lens distorts the view…the photo below is the ACTUAL view)

Lighthouse on Sullivans - a view from the porchHere are some of my favorite shots from my morning spent on this gorgeous porch.

Reflecting HomeMirrored ViewsSullivans in B&WWant to check out the home? Click here or view the video tour below, created by our amazing videographers at Keen Eye Marketing.

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I missed a week, things got super crazy around here – but I’m back on track now. By looking at my photos recently, you would think I only photograph dogs and houses. Well, thats because I only photograph dogs and houses.  Happy week 13 of Project 365!

High tide on the marsh

Renovating a ranch

I have to caption this one - This is a renovation I've been helping design...it is coming along and I will do a full post on the entire renovation when its complete!

Linus by the pool

City Hammock

Reflection House

Marsh Mirror

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I imagine this is what Pat Conroy describes in his many novels set in this beautiful Low Country landscape. I took these photos between 6:30 and 8:30 last Friday when Hurricane Irene spared our coastlines and salt water marshes of Charleston. And sunsets like these make me so so thankful.

Lazy dock at high tide

Quiet Sky during Hurricane Irene

Marsh grass at high tide

Firey sunset instead of Irene

Reflecting Sunset

Lazy dock at sunset

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What gift is Charleston giving me for our 1 year anniversary together?

A potential category 3 hurricane!

Path of Hurricane Irene

When I announced that I would stay in my Sullivans shack (built circa 1900) to experience the storm in style, my office yelled at me, literally yelled at me for even suggesting such a stupid idea. Then my boss informed me that Hurricane Hugo, the devastating storm that pummeled Sullivans Island in September of ’89, was a Category 3 when it hit Charleston’s coastline.

My little bungalow survived though…and hopefully it will stand strong if this storm lives up to its worst-case-scenario projections. Not investing in renters insurance is sounding like a bad decision right about now.

My little beach bungalow

I feel safe though. Channel 7 was Live at Lowe’s last night, reporting on Hurricane Preparedness. This is not at Lowe's, and was not taken last night

I feel even safer in my 1900’s Sullivans cottage after watching this video, especially after the reporter said that since Hurricane Hugo, “building codes have been tightened up, but for the structures built pre-1989 are extremely vulnerable.” Sweet.

For now, I am just excited about the 5 day forecast. After this scorching summer, my flower bed and money tree need some rain like this.

5 day weather forecast on Sullivans Island

Money Tree

Thats just the growing money tree that will make me a millionaire soon. I'll pack him if we end up evacuating. Biscuit, Turk and Linus will come too.

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You don’t have to own a yacht to enjoy the Charleston City Marina. And on a breezy day full of sunshine (after a bout of some extreme weather this past week), a morning on the harbor doesn’t get more picture-perfect. I watched the launch of Charleston’s first and only Outrigger Canoe for 6 paddlers (known as an OC-6 in paddler speak) nestle into its new home on the Charleston Harbor. Get excited ladies and gents because this baby will soon be offering adventure tours, workout sessions, lessons and leisure paddles all over Charleston. More on this great Low country opportunity later.

On this day, my Nikon overslept and I left him at home.

The camera phone sufficed.

So take a stroll through the Harbor. The boats are beautiful. The people are friendly. And the views are to die for.

Outrigger Canoe in CharlestonPete LempesisBridge over Charleston HarborRope on a dockCharleston City MarinaBoatsCharleston on the waterSailboat in Charleston

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This is my 3rd 4th of July spent in the beautiful Low country.

In 2009 I experienced the infamous Folly Beach 4th of July – fueling up at Berts Market for our booze, a long day in the sun, a pit stop at Taco Boy and a downtown firework finale. It is no coincidence that this was my final 4th of July as a college student. In short, it was a fun, exhausting, “one-and-done” experience.

In 2010, I ventured out on a  Cobalt Bowrider for a 4th of July at sea with friends. We ordered boatside takeout at California Dreaming and watched the fireworks show from the middle of the harbor. But getting back to land was stressful, to say the least. Thank you to the DNR and the Coast Guard for keeping us safe from our fellow, less responsible, boaters.

BUT THIS YEAR, on July 4th, 2011, I experienced the ultimate celebration of America, of family and friends – and yes – of a Charleston porch filled with love and laughter. I threw on my swimsuit and joined my boyfriend’s wonderful family for a Lowcountry cookout on their AMAZING marsh front porch.

We flew a kite!

Flying a kite over the marsh

It took off pretty fast.

Rainbow kite over the marshAnd flew high.

Kite flying in Charleston Really high!!

Lets go fly a kite

Then we played some wiffle ball.

Woofer Ball in Charleston

This sport bears its name for good reason.

Wiffing the woofer ball

And then, when our batter connected, he hit it out of the park.

So we searched for the ball.

Woofer ball searching

But gave up.

Charleston friends on 4th of July

We tromped around the creek at low tide.

Charleston saltwater marshes

And laughed on the dock.

Laughing at lowtide

4th of July relaxation in Charleston

The dogs hijacked the boat.

Boat dogs

And then we flew the kite…this time at twilight.

Flying a kite at night

Waited for the night with some guitar strumming.

Olivia Conner strums on guitarAnd finally….

The sparks flew!

Fireworks on 4th of July

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