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the pups of bulow plantation

Tucked away in the land of the Stono River, there lives a pack of guard puppies.

There’s JackLet me out, please

And LennyTough life for Lenny

And FritzReady to play

And the pack leader, Ole MollyOle Molly

They rule and govern almost 3 acres of waterfront, low country land. What a blessed life these pups lead.

They guard.Dogs on a porchJack on guard

They play. Lenny and Molly at playCharge!

They lounge.Molly taking a snoozeLounging around the house

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Chairs at a tableA shot from my photo shoot at 1714 Middle Street. I love that the owners couple this  grand, formal dining table with vintage, mismatched chairs. Elegance meets fun. More about this fantastic home and additional photos here.

Thunder BiscuitThis is Biscuit resting in her Thunder Shirt. My anxious border collie mix usually burrows beneath blankets, under beds or curls herself snuggly into a human’s lap to take a snooze, but the shirt cures her anxiety during times when she feels scared (and that is almost always). If you have a dog with anxiety, ranging from thunderstorms to vacuum cleaners, check out more on the ThunderShirt here. Its a miracle product.

Shem Creek from Fishermen Loading ZoneShem Creek right before sunset…from the Shrimper’s dock. Shh, don’t tell I sneaked on to steal this photo. The lighting was just too good not to break the rules! This is one of the first photos I took with my Nikon Coolpix S8200. Loving it already!

Self Portrait of SortsA self portrait of sorts!

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The Setting: 100 acres of pluff mud and marsh grass about 30 minutes outside of downtown Charleston.

Marshlands and Pluff MudThe Plot: 5 friends plan to go camping with two mutts and a German Short Haired Pointer. At the last minute, one of the friends decides to dog sit and bring a Golden Retriever, and another friend brings his father’s Chocolate Lab and junkyard dog, along with his sister’s Labra Doodle (did I spell that right? Is that even a real dog? Yes, yes it is.) All are in for a fun filled night of incessant barking. Who knew a dog pack 7 strong would stay up ALL night on constant alert for raccoons and abominable marshmen?

The Characters:

Mutt #1

Mutt #1 - Biscuit

Mutt #2

Mutt #2 - Turkey

A true hunting Dog

The Pointer - Shooter

A dirty golden

The Beast - Linus

Ole Reliable

Ole Reliable - Chip

Mutt Dog

Junkyard Dog - Otto ... No really, see those two leashes hanging from his collar? He bit through them after we leashed him to a tree for causing trouble.

The bountiful Labradoodle

The bountiful Labradoodle - Homer

Here are some of my favorite action shots from the trip

Golden Retriever shaking offWaiting to retrieveDogs looking for a ballChip leads the wayDogs at play

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Meet Bessie.

Where is Bessie?There she is!

Meet Ben.

Happy BabyI met the pair yesterday during an interior home session, and as much as I love real estate photography, these two were just so much more fun to shoot! And how could they not be? A couch can’t smile, or wag its tail.

Here are some of the photos from the afternoon!

Pensive Bessie

Playing with pots and pansCanine Companion and his friendStay away little Baby

My food, not yours

Watch it baby. I'm the boss.

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Sullivans Island is a special place…especially for dogs.

Before noon, the beach belongs to dogs. Allowed off leash, the shoreline morphs into a puppy paradise…the mother of all bark parks…an endless tract of territory unmarked. They are free to run, and swim, and dig. All shapes, colors and sizes are welcome…at sunrise, it’s a dog’s beach. Sullivans Island is for dogsIt is Saturday mornings on Sullivans Island when my soul is at ease, and Biscuits’ too. There is something intangibly good about a dog at play. The happiness a dog feels at the beach is contagious. I know this because it is on these mornings when I have met some of the nicest people in the city. And I am convinced it is because our dogs bring out the goodness in our hearts.

Man's Best Friend

So next Saturday, change it up a little. Go for a jog or sip your morning coffee on Sullivans. You and your dog will be equally grateful. (Just make sure to read up on Sullivans Island beach rules before you go…yes, you will get a hefty ticket if you break them.)

Below are photos I took this weekend at the beach with Biscuit. Prepare for utter cuteness.

Yellow Lab on Sullivans Island beachAnxious Yellow Lab patiently awaits beach time!

Beach Dog ParkHappy dogs…happy humans.

Digging DogDigging for fiddlers

Walking golden retrieverA Golden Retriever walks loyally with owner

Happy Biscuit in the surfHappy Biscuit

Pensive Biscuit on the beachPensive Biscuit

Maltese getting warm!

Maltese Dog at the beachA cute Maltese named JJ tries to warm up in owners arms!

Golden Retriever chasing ball in waterMission: Retrieve

Retriever doing her jobJob well done!

Biscuit Portrait 1Biscuit Portrait 2Biscuit Portrait 3Biscuit Closeups

Fast terriors runningCharge!

Exercise class with dogsExercising dogs in a pack

Spaniel on Sullivans IslandDog Rules for Sullivans IslandBiscuit loves Sullivans.

But she is beginning to tire.

Leaving the beachSo it’s time for her mid-morning snooze.

Until next time…

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I’ve lived in Charleston for a year.Pet Helpers logo

I have not given 1 hour of my time to a local volunteer effort.

This changes today.

I just got back from an orientation to become a volunteer at Pet Helpers, a local non-profit organization committed to ending animal euthanasia of all adoptable cats and dogs in the Low country. Here is their full mission statement. By offering a plethora of services – everything from affordable spay/neuter clinics to animal cruelty prosecution aid – Pet Helpers has made a substantial impact in Charleston and Berkley Counties. Substantial is not enough though. Dogs who WOULD become treasured members of wonderful families still sit in shelter cages…cats who WOULD have loving families still live behind glass windows…and the longer they live a shelter life, the less likely they are to be adopted. Play the Sarah Mclachlan music….now.

Why did I choose Pet Helpers?

Muffin - 1992

My first dog - rescued in 1992

Specimen A – Muffin

Biscuit and Turk at Christmas

My dog and my boyfriends dog - rescued in 2008 and 2004 respectively

 Specimen B and C – Biscuit and Turk

Dog driving car

My college roommate's dog - rescued in 2009

Specimen D – Mabie

Pet Helpers offers a one-of-a-kind volunteer program, providing the opportunity for all their volunteers to truly put their skills to work. It is an extremely personalized and flexible program – if your background is graphic design, you can volunteer to work on the Pet Helpers website. If you enjoy public speaking, fundraising and adoption events are held where you can be the voice for these animals. Or if you’re not sure how your skills can be put to use, you can come in to walk dogs, socialize and train cats and simply give the animals needed time out of their crates, cages or rooms. Best of all, it is on your time. Because I work a regular 9-5, I can schedule volunteer hours on Saturdays and Sundays. And the organization is appreciative and welcoming of your 1 hour or 100 hours of time given.

The facility is warm, inviting and clean (I will take my own pictures soon!). The goal is for the shelter to not feel like a shelter. Cats are socialized by being placed in window-filled rooms with couches and toys and ladders. Dogs are given exercise in the outside runs and play areas. 2 full-time vets, a full-time trainer and a passionate staff team keep Pet Helpers safe, clean and inviting. Oh, a $90,000 dollars…a month.

The monthly costs includes:Entrance to Pet Helpers

  • Mortgage payments
  • Utilities
  • Insurance
  • Supplies
  • Food
  • Medicine
  • Maintenance
  • Salaries for staff

Because Pet Helpers is a limited-admission shelter, they cannot apply for state or federal funding. Limited-admission means that when they reach capacity, they don’t allow incoming animals until the current animals find homes. This is why volunteers are SO IMPORTANT!

Pet Helpers is strongly against the euthanasia of healthy, adoptable animals and because of this, they do not work with animal control centers (government agencies) who unload their captured animals onto shelters to be euthanized. This dissention with animal control thus, denies Pet Helpers extra funding to accommodate for the care (or in this case, the murder) of innocent animals. Pet Helpers IS a member of the ASPCA and is in direct partnership with the Charleston Animal Society and Humane Net.

The need for volunteers is greater than ever, and I am excited about the opportunity I will have in the coming months to help save lives and make lives – for the humans and the animals.

Stay tuned and donate today!

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