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I'm as happy as Manuel about the progress!

We are up and running folks but are under some serious construction…

In the meantime, peruse my photography website, Life Unfolding, along with some other wonderful blogs and webpages:

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And if you are wondering who that angel of a boy is in the photo above, his name is Manuel, the youngest of four children in the Rosales family hailing from Tijuana, Mexico. In June of 2009, I traveled with Double Impact-Nashville to rural Tijuana for a 9 days volunteer trip. We worked alongside the family, and the Amor Ministries team to build this adorable boy and his brother and sisters a new home. We couldn’t give them an extreme home makeover, but we could offer them a set of hands and a lot of love to build a safe house. And wouldn’t you know, they even had a covered patio. View it here, along with the rest of my photos from the trip.

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