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What gift is Charleston giving me for our 1 year anniversary together?

A potential category 3 hurricane!

Path of Hurricane Irene

When I announced that I would stay in my Sullivans shack (built circa 1900) to experience the storm in style, my office yelled at me, literally yelled at me for even suggesting such a stupid idea. Then my boss informed me that Hurricane Hugo, the devastating storm that pummeled Sullivans Island in September of ’89, was a Category 3 when it hit Charleston’s coastline.

My little bungalow survived though…and hopefully it will stand strong if this storm lives up to its worst-case-scenario projections. Not investing in renters insurance is sounding like a bad decision right about now.

My little beach bungalow

I feel safe though. Channel 7 was Live at Lowe’s last night, reporting on Hurricane Preparedness. This is not at Lowe's, and was not taken last night

I feel even safer in my 1900’s Sullivans cottage after watching this video, especially after the reporter said that since Hurricane Hugo, “building codes have been tightened up, but for the structures built pre-1989 are extremely vulnerable.” Sweet.

For now, I am just excited about the 5 day forecast. After this scorching summer, my flower bed and money tree need some rain like this.

5 day weather forecast on Sullivans Island

Money Tree

Thats just the growing money tree that will make me a millionaire soon. I'll pack him if we end up evacuating. Biscuit, Turk and Linus will come too.

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