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Now playing on the porch: Waiting On An Angel by Ben Harper, covered by Kina Grannis

Since my Pet Helpers orientation, this song has been dancing around in my head so of course, it needed to hit Monday’s Tune. When I typed it into YouTube, I was super excited to see that one of my very favorite Youtube sensations, Kina Grannis, had covered it. And she does it BEAUTIFULLY. This song will pull at the heart strings of the coldest of spirits…so listen, enjoy and then donate to Pet Helpers today – all the animals are just waiting on an angel to carry them home ūüė¶

Then check out all of Kina’s covers and originals. She is AMAZING. And she is going to be BIG.

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Now playing on the porch: You Give Me Something by James Morrison

No relation to Van Morrison, shockingly…because although I fear saying this, he might be just as talented and I can definitely hear this kid belting Brown Eyed Girl and singing it just as perfectly as ole Van. I’d love to see them in concert together.

I listened to this song on repeat this weekend and it has carried over to Monday!

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Now playing on the porch: Long Way by Antje Duvekot

Thank you Pandora for letting me discover this AMAZING musician. I had the opportunity to see Antje live in Oak Ridge, TN a few years ago and she blew me away. Like most singer/songwriters, she is a brilliant storyteller. It is evident in each song she has written and produced. And it doesn’t hurt that she can play just about any instrument she picks up.

Long Way, in particular, paints brilliant images of a cross-country adventure. It is an inspiring, thoughtful and somber description of culture, of people and of the natural beauty she experiences on a road trip.

We can all relate. And that makes me all the more beautiful. Listen to her album here.

And Antje – if you are reading, please head South again…to CHARLESTON! We walked into the bathroom in Oak Ridge, TN at the same time and I was star struck so I apologize for not responding when you asked me how far Knoxville was from Oak Ridge. If you come to Charleston, not only will I tell you that it is about 40 minutes away, but I will find you a porch where your tunes will be admired and loved!

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What a fun Tuesday night routine Party in the Park has become! Set under the Cooper River Bridge and a Charleston sunset, a local country radio station has partnered with our County Park system to host free twilight concerts throughout the summer. The background for some live music alfresco doesn’t get better than this.¬† And last night was none other than the fabulous new duo on the Country charts, Thompson Square!

Things to do in Charleston

Such a laid back atmosphere…kid friendly, dog friendly, beer friendly…grab some dinner and drinks at one of the vendors set up or bring your own cooler (you can fill it up with delicious veggies and snacks from the Tuesday afternoon Mt. Pleasant farmers market!) Don’t forget some chairs or a blanket, find some friends, leash up your pup and head under the bridge for a relaxing evening with great live music.

Dog Friendly Activities in Charleston SC

Summer Family Activities in Charleston SC

Things to do in Charleston SC

Charleston Concerts in Summer 2011

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Now playing on the porch: Monday Monday by The Mamas & The Papas

I know. You were wondering when I would play this tune on The Charleston Porch. And in this¬†infant blog’s fourth week of life, here it is for your listening pleasure. Nothin’ like some porch music oldies.

Things I am not grateful for on this Monday:

  • not grateful for¬†spilling coffee all over my¬†lap on my way to work
  • not grateful for being¬†30 minutes late to work because of said spilled coffee
  • not grateful for finding an infectious virus all over my computer
  • not grateful that Mama Cass has¬†some slammin’ galoshes and even sweeter moves – things I will never attain

Things I am grateful for on this Monday:

  • grateful the¬†spilled coffee was ICED
  • grateful for having a¬†boss who understands I had to change clothes
  • grateful the infectious virus is all over my computer, not all over me
  • grateful for not getting dubbed as “Mama Nance” in my mid 20’s

Happy Monday, Monday!

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Now playing on the porch: Georgia Clay by Josh Kelley

You may remember this voice from an early 2000’s pop hit, Amazing. Josh Kelley has made the switch from Pop-Rock to Country and although his current vibe is a zillion times better, he never got the radio time in Charleston I think he deserved for this song during the winter of 2010. Maybe his smooth contemporary Country sound is being drowned out by the continuous hits his brother Charles is pumping out with Lady Antebellum. And maybe good ole’ Country Music USA enjoys this tune as much as I do. Either way, Charleston needs to hear this guys stuff – I’m loving it this morning.

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Now playing on the porch: Send Me On My Way by Rusted Root

I can’t decide what is making me love this song for this beautiful Memorial Day – Is it that beachy flute, dancing with the melody or is it the way this tune makes my brain swell with summer memories of childhood? If my sticky summer days in the mid 90’s had a soundtrack, this song might be the first single on the album. And because Memorial Day is THE greatest day in a kid’s (other than my dear friend Molly who each year, without fail, sobbed on the last day of school) big world, this song is perfect.

From beach bums to businessmen, this song strikes a chord somewhere happy inside – and I find no better way to welcome the summer.

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