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the pups of bulow plantation

Tucked away in the land of the Stono River, there lives a pack of guard puppies.

There’s JackLet me out, please

And LennyTough life for Lenny

And FritzReady to play

And the pack leader, Ole MollyOle Molly

They rule and govern almost 3 acres of waterfront, low country land. What a blessed life these pups lead.

They guard.Dogs on a porchJack on guard

They play. Lenny and Molly at playCharge!

They lounge.Molly taking a snoozeLounging around the house

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I need to replace the tripod I broke 2 years ago. I don’t know how I have gone this long without one…I am tiring of balancing my camera on my car, or my knee, or a gate post to get a successful night shot, and I am becoming more and more interested in night photography as this project continues. I think I will buy myself a tripod for my birthday!Bursting sunset over YorktownPuff Clouds PuffingTelephone Pole in the skyTwilight BaseballTaco Boy and the MoonSunset on SmithMidnight Moon

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walking down a spiral staircase

this is all I have for today…think of it as a sneak peek for the posts to come next week! I took this shot this morning (before spilling coffee all over my back seat and shattering my cell phone!) during a photo shoot of an AMAZING Sullivans Island property … be on the lookout for a few posts about this home … I was able to shoot some amazing porches AND some amazing puppies this morning 🙂 HAPPY FRIDAY TO ALL!!!

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Today marks the end of the first month of sky photos! Here is what 31 days of sky looks like… I think I am going to create another tab at the top of my blog to organize, sort and reflect on my 365 Sky project by the month. My current tab has daily rambles of what is happening (or not happening) during each photo. I think this 2nd tab I create will be less like a journal entry, and more like a true reflective piece, to gauge what I have learned about my environment, my camera, and myself.  Stay tuned.


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I am beginning to see patterns in the sky from one day to another. This week the sky seemed to slowly transition into the next day’s landscape. Can you see? Check out all my progress here. (I am a few weeks behind…should have time to update it today)Nightime on the Citadel CampusSunny afternoon at Bristol MarinaCotton Candy CloudsOspreys rest in their nestSun peeks throughCooper River BridgeSullivans Island sinks into night

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Face your fear of spiders and scroll…

…you may surprise yourself and decide they are beautiful!

Banana Spider is ready for lunchCommon spider in the LowcountryEven spiders can be prettyJust a spider hanging out

Here are 2 cool facts I learned about banana spiders (I would have given 3 facts, but I doubt anyone is reading this, and you certainly won’t get past 2 if you haven’t already clicked out of my blog):

  1. They were formally known as Golden Silk Orb Weavers. Prince ain’t got nothin’ on that formally known as name! I wish I was formally known as an orb weaver of golden silk.
  2. Every banana spider we see is a female. Male banana spiders are tiny, brown, free-loaders. Literally, they live on the female-made golden orb, providing nothing, eating whatever they want, sleeping whenever they want, and…doing…it…whenever they want. Ladies, learn from these 8-legged females. Don’t weave yourself into a banana spider relationship.

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Resting Gazebo over waterI walk the dockGazebo on GlassPurple Night over Bristol Marina

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