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Today marks the end of the first month of sky photos! Here is what 31 days of sky looks like… I think I am going to create another tab at the top of my blog to organize, sort and reflect on my 365 Sky project by the month. My current tab has daily rambles of what is happening (or not happening) during each photo. I think this 2nd tab I create will be less like a journal entry, and more like a true reflective piece, to gauge what I have learned about my environment, my camera, and myself.  Stay tuned.


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So I really fell off this wagon. I have missed the past 4 weeks. 4 WEEKS! 1 MONTH. Unacceptable! Anyway, lets just pretend the month of September didn’t exist and that I’m on track with this project!

Goal for the next month: Take more photos of people. I really need to work on my portraiture. So there, I’ve told everyone and now you can hold me accountable next week if my three65 post shows up human beingless.

Happy Project 365! Happy Foto Friday! And happy deliciously beautiful Fall weekend in Charleston!

Red shoes on a dockHeffron PathPaddling PupObservation DeckSunrise in the southPuffy CloudsHide and Seek

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I missed a week, things got super crazy around here – but I’m back on track now. By looking at my photos recently, you would think I only photograph dogs and houses. Well, thats because I only photograph dogs and houses.  Happy week 13 of Project 365!

High tide on the marsh

Renovating a ranch

I have to caption this one - This is a renovation I've been helping design...it is coming along and I will do a full post on the entire renovation when its complete!

Linus by the pool

City Hammock

Reflection House

Marsh Mirror

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