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I need to replace the tripod I broke 2 years ago. I don’t know how I have gone this long without one…I am tiring of balancing my camera on my car, or my knee, or a gate post to get a successful night shot, and I am becoming more and more interested in night photography as this project continues. I think I will buy myself a tripod for my birthday!Bursting sunset over YorktownPuff Clouds PuffingTelephone Pole in the skyTwilight BaseballTaco Boy and the MoonSunset on SmithMidnight Moon

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Today marks the end of the first month of sky photos! Here is what 31 days of sky looks like… I think I am going to create another tab at the top of my blog to organize, sort and reflect on my 365 Sky project by the month. My current tab has daily rambles of what is happening (or not happening) during each photo. I think this 2nd tab I create will be less like a journal entry, and more like a true reflective piece, to gauge what I have learned about my environment, my camera, and myself.  Stay tuned.


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I am beginning to see patterns in the sky from one day to another. This week the sky seemed to slowly transition into the next day’s landscape. Can you see? Check out all my progress here. (I am a few weeks behind…should have time to update it today)Nightime on the Citadel CampusSunny afternoon at Bristol MarinaCotton Candy CloudsOspreys rest in their nestSun peeks throughCooper River BridgeSullivans Island sinks into night

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4 of my 7 daily sky photos this past week were taken from Brittlebank Park, a green space in downtown Charleston that overlooks the Ashley River. Check out the photos…maybe I should tweak the rules, again, and shoot solely at Brittlebank! The sky was mesmerizing.

5pm clouds at Brittlebank ParkSit, and enjoy the sunsetMorning DriveGood night MoonTwilight on the waterResting Boats on the marshIndustrial Sky

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I used my Coolpix for every photo this week. Good because it was so accessible and easy, but I don’t want to get completely comfortable with using a point and shoot for every photo during this 2nd attempt! By nature, the photos become less thoughtful. So, while it was a fun, easy week of sky shooting, next week I am going to make a true effort to only use my Coolpix when I really can’t pull out my dSLR. Enjoy! And check out the Three65 tab to see all my progress!

January 8-14

Before Sunset at Hog Island PointBefore the storm on Sullivans IslandSun bursting through the stormFar Away Cooper RiverCooper River Bridge up closePretty even in the industrial zoneSalt Marsh Warmth

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After a failed attempt last year, I am trying once more! This time I have tweaked my rules, again, and I am going to focus one subject I am constantly amazed by…the sky. I have been fascinated with it, and photographing it for years, but since moving to Charleston, I have been floored by the diversity the Low country sky offers. It is so vast against Charleston’s flat topography. Every sunset is different. Clouds change with the blink of an eye.

So here goes my 2nd attempt of Project three65. This time I will upload on Mondays. Wish.Me.Luck. Pardon my first 2 car photos…I was traveling at the beginning of the year!

January 1-7

Sky from the carSun beamSunset at Shem Creek ParkFull MoonTraffic SunsetSoft Sullivans SkyCotton Candy Sunset

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So I really fell off this wagon. I have missed the past 4 weeks. 4 WEEKS! 1 MONTH. Unacceptable! Anyway, lets just pretend the month of September didn’t exist and that I’m on track with this project!

Goal for the next month: Take more photos of people. I really need to work on my portraiture. So there, I’ve told everyone and now you can hold me accountable next week if my three65 post shows up human beingless.

Happy Project 365! Happy Foto Friday! And happy deliciously beautiful Fall weekend in Charleston!

Red shoes on a dockHeffron PathPaddling PupObservation DeckSunrise in the southPuffy CloudsHide and Seek

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Happy Rainy Friday!

It is legitimately c.o.l.d in Chucktown, and I am loving it. For the first time (if only for a short time) it feels like Fall. And gloomy days are the best when I have lots of office work because I’m not tempted to duck out early and hit the beach 🙂

Project 365 is a world-wide adventure for photography enthusiasts. The goal? Take 1 photo per day, for 365 days to create a photo journal of a “year-in-the-life”. Follow me as I create a daily photo tour of Charleston, South Carolina.

Toy SailboatBirds on a wireDogs at dinnerDragonboat Finish161 Mary Ellen DriveInkeyIsle of Palms at Dusk

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I missed a week, things got super crazy around here – but I’m back on track now. By looking at my photos recently, you would think I only photograph dogs and houses. Well, thats because I only photograph dogs and houses.  Happy week 13 of Project 365!

High tide on the marsh

Renovating a ranch

I have to caption this one - This is a renovation I've been helping design...it is coming along and I will do a full post on the entire renovation when its complete!

Linus by the pool

City Hammock

Reflection House

Marsh Mirror

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Su ChefDetailBackyard RelaxinHow much is that doggy in the window?Red Green ContrastDIY Sort OfFat Cat

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