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Now playing on the porch: Georgia Clay by Josh Kelley

You may remember this voice from an early 2000’s pop hit, Amazing. Josh Kelley has made the switch from Pop-Rock to Country and although his current vibe is a zillion times better, he never got the radio time in Charleston I think he deserved for this song during the winter of 2010. Maybe his smooth contemporary Country sound is being drowned out by the continuous hits his brother Charles is pumping out with Lady Antebellum. And maybe good ole’ Country Music USA enjoys this tune as much as I do. Either way, Charleston needs to hear this guys stuff – I’m loving it this morning.

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Now playing on the porch: Young Folks by Peter Bjorn and John

A close friend of mine turned 27 at 8:37am this morning. This song seems perfect for this sunny Monday and perfect for him – happy, free-spirited and kind but he is growing up and learning the demands of being in his late 20’s…we’re not young folks…we’re not old folks…and we even make it to the office when we’d rather be whistling this tune on a porch somewhere hot and breezy. At least this birthday boy can whistle while he works!

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