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This charming screened-in porch needs owners that will fill it with cozy furniture and friendly people. Right now this porch is lonely, and empty. But never fear, it looks onto an amazing corner lot that sits across the street from one of the best elementary schools in Charleston. This porch will be filled with love soon enough.

A lonely porch

Help! I don't want to be a storage room!

28 Charlestowne Road is for sale, and for the porch’s sake, will hopefully fly off the market.

Walking in the lowcountry

Thats not walking in Windermere. And probably not with much purpose. Just walking lovebirds.

Situated on what I think is the best lot in highly desirable South Windermere, this home needs a family looking for a safe, inviting neighborhood with a true community feel. South Windermere is a marshfront neighborhood with a very high walkability rating and it is just 5 minutes (a true 5 minutes, not a “just 5 minutes but its really 15 minutes”) from downtown Charleston.

From this porch, you can walk to tons of shops, restaurants, boutiques, and more. I call it being able to walk with purpose. There are few places, other than our major US metropoli (I am making up a better plural form for metropolis…similar to the plural form of octopus) that allow us to walk with purpose – that is, to walk with a reason more than simply getting exercise. I love the idea walking or biking to get groceries, or coffee, or dinner out, or a haircut, or to the dentist, or the doctor. And South Windermere offers all of this…without the urban cityscape.

As we all know, I’m not a big-city girl. I don’t love concrete jungles. Or the aroma of hot dogs, sewage and gasoline. I love the slower pace of suburban life…I love having a yard…and I love having a porch on a quiet street. What I don’t love is suburban sprawl…having to drive everywhere. And being isolated. South Windermere provides the best of both worlds – walkability without sacrificing convenience.

Plans for St. Andrews Elementary in 2012

Plans for renovation of St. Andrews Elementary in 2012

Kids are allowed the independence to walk to school in the morning, and then to the public library just down the street when the bell rings.

This neighborhood is a rare gem in today’s world – and if I live in Charleston when I have my own family…we are living here. (Actually, in a perfect world I think I would live in THIS HOUSE. Lets hope it goes on the market when I have kids in 100 years.) So check out some interior photos below, and when you have a free afternoon, walk through the shops of Windermere. Get a massage at Urban Nirvana. Buy some toys for your doggy at Doolittle’s. And then grab a bite to eat at Med Bistro.  And if you are one of the lucky ones – one of the residents of South Windermere – mozy on home and have a glass of wine on your porch 🙂

South Windermere real estateSparsely furnished living roomKitchen with tile backsplash

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