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Now playing on the porch: Monday Monday by The Mamas & The Papas

I know. You were wondering when I would play this tune on The Charleston Porch. And in this infant blog’s fourth week of life, here it is for your listening pleasure. Nothin’ like some porch music oldies.

Things I am not grateful for on this Monday:

  • not grateful for spilling coffee all over my lap on my way to work
  • not grateful for being 30 minutes late to work because of said spilled coffee
  • not grateful for finding an infectious virus all over my computer
  • not grateful that Mama Cass has some slammin’ galoshes and even sweeter moves – things I will never attain

Things I am grateful for on this Monday:

  • grateful the spilled coffee was ICED
  • grateful for having a boss who understands I had to change clothes
  • grateful the infectious virus is all over my computer, not all over me
  • grateful for not getting dubbed as “Mama Nance” in my mid 20’s

Happy Monday, Monday!

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