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Early 1960's

Mom (right) with brother David and sister Nancy circa 1960

I have always been attracted to restaurants, shops  and attractions that celebrate American past times and days gone by. When I am worried about letting the children I babysit for play in the front yard by themselves, I envy the environment our parents grew up in. And I romanticize it. I am filled with jealousy when I hear stories of my mom and dad being able to walk to a movie theater with their friends, spend the pennies and dimes they have saved from chores on a soda and watch a summer film to escape the seasonal heat.

Today, we still go to the movies. The difference is, we drive our children to the theater and they wait in the car with us until they get a “we’re here” text from their friends…then they swipe their check cards for a 15 dollar 3D movie, and swipe again for a 12 dollar popcorn that could feed a family and a soda big enough to swim in.

But this past Friday, I got to relish in my romantic ideas of the past at the Terrace Theater, a truly unique The Terrace Theater at sunsetexperience that offers children of Generation Y to morph into Baby Boomers for a night. The Terrace Theater features independent and foreign films, along with local and national documentaries. My discovery of this special place occurred when they offered free admission to a documentary called Waiting For Superman, a heart-wrenching, brutally honest look into our public school system. A must-see. Not for the light-hearted.

I knew I needed to go back to experience the theater in a more free-spirited light. And on Friday, they were running Midnight in Paris for its final night. And without knowing anything about this Woody Allen film, I purchased my ticket.

Without spilling a spoiler, (because this film is also a MUST SEE) I could not have chosen a better movie for the theater atmosphere I wanted to experience. That is all I will say.

Okay. No more gushing about the 1960’s and wish I had been born in a simpler time. Now I will gush about the Terrace Theater.

This special place is a celebration of the vintage. My photos will tell its story.Charleston Terrace TheaterVintage Theater entranceOne for Midnight in Paris!Full bar at the Terrace TheaterGummy Bears!Vintage Candy and ColaMovies at The Terrace TheaterGirls clubhouseTerrace Theater offering alcoholic beverages

Chuck Taylors on a stoop

Not the Terrace. Thats just my dad rocking his Chuck Taylors in August!


5 Things you all must do:

1. Watch Waiting For Superman

2. Stop waiting, and find Superman

3. Go see a movie at the Terrace Theater

4. Redbox Midnight In Paris

5. And then, enjoy the present

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You don’t have to own a yacht to enjoy the Charleston City Marina. And on a breezy day full of sunshine (after a bout of some extreme weather this past week), a morning on the harbor doesn’t get more picture-perfect. I watched the launch of Charleston’s first and only Outrigger Canoe for 6 paddlers (known as an OC-6 in paddler speak) nestle into its new home on the Charleston Harbor. Get excited ladies and gents because this baby will soon be offering adventure tours, workout sessions, lessons and leisure paddles all over Charleston. More on this great Low country opportunity later.

On this day, my Nikon overslept and I left him at home.

The camera phone sufficed.

So take a stroll through the Harbor. The boats are beautiful. The people are friendly. And the views are to die for.

Outrigger Canoe in CharlestonPete LempesisBridge over Charleston HarborRope on a dockCharleston City MarinaBoatsCharleston on the waterSailboat in Charleston

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What a fun Tuesday night routine Party in the Park has become! Set under the Cooper River Bridge and a Charleston sunset, a local country radio station has partnered with our County Park system to host free twilight concerts throughout the summer. The background for some live music alfresco doesn’t get better than this.  And last night was none other than the fabulous new duo on the Country charts, Thompson Square!

Things to do in Charleston

Such a laid back atmosphere…kid friendly, dog friendly, beer friendly…grab some dinner and drinks at one of the vendors set up or bring your own cooler (you can fill it up with delicious veggies and snacks from the Tuesday afternoon Mt. Pleasant farmers market!) Don’t forget some chairs or a blanket, find some friends, leash up your pup and head under the bridge for a relaxing evening with great live music.

Dog Friendly Activities in Charleston SC

Summer Family Activities in Charleston SC

Things to do in Charleston SC

Charleston Concerts in Summer 2011

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About 20 minutes down Highway 17s, down a road that laces itself through live oaks and loblolly pines lies a 4,678 acre, untouched, vital and thriving ecosystem protected by South Carolina’s DNR in the small, but growing coastal town of Edisto. Driving into the Botany Bay Plantation was reminiscent of more than a few Pat Conroy excerpts and bumping along its dirt path, a line from Lords of Discipline bumped along in my mind – something about never truly being able to escape the pull of Charleston’s semitropical landscape and her marshes.

Botany Bay on Edisto Island SC

I couldn’t help but fall back in time after learning the history of the property – imagining myself as an English settler in the 1600’s stumbling upon the rugged landscape I was experiencing now,  or worse, as a Kusso-Natchez (or Edistow) Indian struggling to keep her land hers. We rested on what it must have been like in the late summer months for the Europeans – swatting away no-see-ums in their wool or canvas suits and smocks – and for their slaves, shut away in quarters where the shoreline breeze does not travel.

Horses on Edisto Island SC

A half mile walk through salt marshes led us to a 2 mile stretch of beach that has been carved only by the tides and thunderstorms of Mother Nature. Being a leave-no-trace beach, shells and starfish and sandollars have no other purpose but to be themselves – as opposed to transforming into porch decor 🙂 – and South Carolina’s endangered Loggerhead sea turtles are free and safe to nest in their natural habitat.

South Carolina beach pathLoggerhead Sea Turtle habitat

Extraordinary natural habitats DO still exist. And this hidden treasure of Edisto Island, SC is unique to the world. The world. It boggles my mind and leaves me full of thanks that the Lowcountry ecosystem I am a part of can be found nowhere else on this planet. So if you ever find yourself wanting to experience a day on the beach without the clamor of the tourists, take a few steps off the porch – you won’t be disappointed.

South Carolina fishermen

South Carolina Marshes

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It won’t be a habit of mine to post anything other than my three65 photos on Fridays, but I just found out about a contest of epic proportions that just happens to be taking place TOMORROW, Saturday June 4th, so I must share. I love contests. Especially contests that require no skill or hidden talent of my own, and offer a chance to win 1 million dollars.

One MILLION dollars…1 Million dollars for the duck race

I also love Sesame Street (Yes, I am using the present tense).  Specifically, I love Ernie’s classic bath time friend, Rubber Duckie. So, you can imagine my excitement when a co-worker informed me that tomorrow, 30,000 rubber duckies will be dropped into the largest bath tub these little guys have ever played in – the Wando River. They will race their little rubber tails off in the annual Charleston Duck Race from the I-526 Bridge to Daniel Island’s waterfront park community pier and the first 30 to swim across the finish line will share $30,000 worth of prizes, given to their rightful owners. Pretty amazing, right? It gets better.

The owner of the first place duckie will receive $1,000,000 in $25,000 yearly lump sums for 40 years. Yes, please.

I bought one duck. Thats all I need.

Charleston Duck Race 2011

I am having him shipped in from the Netherlands, where Florentijn Hofman created him.

Not really, but for $10 I adopted a duck for the race, and you can too (although it won’t really matter because I am going to win). Whether you live in the city, are here for the weekend or just love reading about any and everything Charleston, you can adopt a duck, have a chance to claim the grand prize (again, I’m gonna win) and support Daniel Island’s Rotary Club community service programs. In 2010, over $400,000 was raised in an effort to fund and organize projects all over the city.

Festivities start at 10am, the ducks are dropped at 11:30 and I will be collecting my first $25,000 check 72 hours from now. So register here, and if you’re a winner, your phone will be ringing in a few days – don’t let it go to voicemail when you see an unfamiliar number with an 843 area code…

Watch the video below – pretty intense prep work!!

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Goodbye Publix. Hasta Luega Whole Foods. The Mt. Pleasant Farmers Market has opened its gates once more to offer the city dwellers a slice – or 10 – of locally grown produce, made from scratch breads and preserves, organic dairy products and more. There is nothing I look forward to more than Tuesday evenings in the Spring, Summer and Fall. However this year I might just say Summer and Fall because we said goodbye to Winter but never said hello to Spring…after this past week, it is clear that Summer was too excited and skipped his place in line.

Mt. Pleasant Farmers Market on Tuesdays
I’ve made a ritual of sorts out of Tuesday nights, and last night was no exception. I strolled through the market deciding what I would cook (or throw together) with the seasonal options offered.  A local musician strummed her guitar, dogs walked their owners, and babies teethed on wild cucumbers and juicy peaches.

Wild Cucumbers from Johns Island SC

Baby Food at Farmers Market SC

Farmers boasted why their produce was better than the next guys’ – and I’m all about self-promotion. If a farmer doesn’t love his product, chances are I won’t either.

Produce at Mt. Pleasant Farmers Market

I went home with 4 cucumbers, a crate of peaches and a Farmer’s Market staple of mine, Nicole’s Nutty Goodness (more on this must-have snack in a future post). And for dinner, I went for something light, cool and easy (since it was 90 degrees when I got home). I sliced and chilled the cucumbers, tossed them with feta cheese crumbles, toasted almonds and a few tablespoons of Greek dressing – bon appetit!

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