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Early 1960's

Mom (right) with brother David and sister Nancy circa 1960

I have always been attracted to restaurants, shops  and attractions that celebrate American past times and days gone by. When I am worried about letting the children I babysit for play in the front yard by themselves, I envy the environment our parents grew up in. And I romanticize it. I am filled with jealousy when I hear stories of my mom and dad being able to walk to a movie theater with their friends, spend the pennies and dimes they have saved from chores on a soda and watch a summer film to escape the seasonal heat.

Today, we still go to the movies. The difference is, we drive our children to the theater and they wait in the car with us until they get a “we’re here” text from their friends…then they swipe their check cards for a 15 dollar 3D movie, and swipe again for a 12 dollar popcorn that could feed a family and a soda big enough to swim in.

But this past Friday, I got to relish in my romantic ideas of the past at the Terrace Theater, a truly unique The Terrace Theater at sunsetexperience that offers children of Generation Y to morph into Baby Boomers for a night. The Terrace Theater features independent and foreign films, along with local and national documentaries. My discovery of this special place occurred when they offered free admission to a documentary called Waiting For Superman, a heart-wrenching, brutally honest look into our public school system. A must-see. Not for the light-hearted.

I knew I needed to go back to experience the theater in a more free-spirited light. And on Friday, they were running Midnight in Paris for its final night. And without knowing anything about this Woody Allen film, I purchased my ticket.

Without spilling a spoiler, (because this film is also a MUST SEE) I could not have chosen a better movie for the theater atmosphere I wanted to experience. That is all I will say.

Okay. No more gushing about the 1960’s and wish I had been born in a simpler time. Now I will gush about the Terrace Theater.

This special place is a celebration of the vintage. My photos will tell its story.Charleston Terrace TheaterVintage Theater entranceOne for Midnight in Paris!Full bar at the Terrace TheaterGummy Bears!Vintage Candy and ColaMovies at The Terrace TheaterGirls clubhouseTerrace Theater offering alcoholic beverages

Chuck Taylors on a stoop

Not the Terrace. Thats just my dad rocking his Chuck Taylors in August!


5 Things you all must do:

1. Watch Waiting For Superman

2. Stop waiting, and find Superman

3. Go see a movie at the Terrace Theater

4. Redbox Midnight In Paris

5. And then, enjoy the present

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