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It won’t be a habit of mine to post anything other than my three65 photos on Fridays, but I just found out about a contest of epic proportions that just happens to be taking place TOMORROW, Saturday June 4th, so I must share. I love contests. Especially contests that require no skill or hidden talent of my own, and offer a chance to win 1 million dollars.

One MILLION dollars…1 Million dollars for the duck race

I also love Sesame Street (Yes, I am using the present tense).  Specifically, I love Ernie’s classic bath time friend, Rubber Duckie. So, you can imagine my excitement when a co-worker informed me that tomorrow, 30,000 rubber duckies will be dropped into the largest bath tub these little guys have ever played in – the Wando River. They will race their little rubber tails off in the annual Charleston Duck Race from the I-526 Bridge to Daniel Island’s waterfront park community pier and the first 30 to swim across the finish line will share $30,000 worth of prizes, given to their rightful owners. Pretty amazing, right? It gets better.

The owner of the first place duckie will receive $1,000,000 in $25,000 yearly lump sums for 40 years. Yes, please.

I bought one duck. Thats all I need.

Charleston Duck Race 2011

I am having him shipped in from the Netherlands, where Florentijn Hofman created him.

Not really, but for $10 I adopted a duck for the race, and you can too (although it won’t really matter because I am going to win). Whether you live in the city, are here for the weekend or just love reading about any and everything Charleston, you can adopt a duck, have a chance to claim the grand prize (again, I’m gonna win) and support Daniel Island’s Rotary Club community service programs. In 2010, over $400,000 was raised in an effort to fund and organize projects all over the city.

Festivities start at 10am, the ducks are dropped at 11:30 and I will be collecting my first $25,000 check 72 hours from now. So register here, and if you’re a winner, your phone will be ringing in a few days – don’t let it go to voicemail when you see an unfamiliar number with an 843 area code…

Watch the video below – pretty intense prep work!!

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