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I am beginning to see patterns in the sky from one day to another. This week the sky seemed to slowly transition into the next day’s landscape. Can you see? Check out all my progress here. (I am a few weeks behind…should have time to update it today)Nightime on the Citadel CampusSunny afternoon at Bristol MarinaCotton Candy CloudsOspreys rest in their nestSun peeks throughCooper River BridgeSullivans Island sinks into night

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Historic Sullivans Island Post ExchangeSullivans Island, South Carolina holds a treasure trove of historic homes for those in love with the charm of days gone by. And 1714 Middle Street could be considered the greatest gem of this small, island town’s historic treasury.

Once a Post Exchange and Recreation Hall for Fort Moultrie soldiers of the US. Army in the early 1900’s, this historic property now serves a quieter, more humble purpose, but in it holds stories and warm memories from the past and present. Last week, I was fortunate enough to photograph this magnificent piece of Sullivan’s Island history, and its porches too. It will be hitting the market in a few days, so more photos will come soon, along with links to more information about this amazing Sullivans Island property for sale.

1714 Middle StreetSullivans Island historic property

History of 1714 Middle Street

Naturally, the front porch is grand and I could imagine uniformed soldiers walking through the front doors with dates on their arm, excited for a dance or a social in the recreation hall. Historic PorchThe entirety of this property – all 7,581 square feet of it – has been converted to a truly charming, single-family home. I know, I didn’t think anything of this size could be described as charming, but the recreation hall makes up nearly half of the square footage, and the rest of the home was so thoughtfully restored that the home feels warm, and more importantly, centralized. In so many “massive” homes I have photographed, each easily becomes a maze for guests, winding from room to room. This home is NOT one of these labyrinths. Foyer of 1714 Middle Street

Foyer of 1714 Middle StreetIn fact, I told the owner that one of the things I loved most about his home was that EVERYTHING about the restoration is logical. What I mean by that is, the floor plan flows like a home built for today’s buyer. There is a true great room…bedrooms offer privacy and bathrooms throughout the home are well appointed. The light switches have been placed where it would make sense for them to be. And those light switches turn on the lights you think they will! Have you ever been to an old house with beyond confusing electrical? When the light switch in the foyer turns on the lamp in the kitchen? Not in this wonderful property. Great Room in 1714 Middle StreetThe master bedroom sits beneath a parallel archway on the other side of the foyer. And comes fully equipped with a private, cozy porch for perfect Sullivans evenings.

Master Bedroom of 1714 Middle Street1714 Middle Street - Master Bedroom PorchAnd now, what you have all been waiting for…the recreation hall. Recreation Hall of 1714 Middle StreetSullivans Island Recreation HallGreat space for parties, art shows and kids at playA space where soldiers once danced, so much from the past remains in this beautiful recreation hall. The ceilings are adorned with pressed tin panels and the walls made of original brick and stucco. The original historic electric panels have been preserved as artifacts. And with gleaming wood floors, a full length balcony and a half bath, this space can now serve a multitude of purposes, and the current owners have taken full advantage of this rare venue.

A wedding reception in magnificent 1714 Middle Street

Love on Sullivans IslandBy far the neatest fact about this home rich with Sullivans Island history is that there are actually THREE “twin” buildings to this one! So, I guess it is a quadruplet structure?! And there may be more! At the turn of the century, this building, along with one at Fort Yellowstone, another at Fort Seward in Alaska  and a 4th in Missoula, Montana were built from the same stock plans, produced by the US Army. In Yellowstone, the National Park Service owns the building and it is used as a commercial space. In Haines, Alaska the building is privately owned (like 1714 Middle Street) but it is used as a restaurant and a B and B. And in Missoula, the structure is now owned by a non-profit preservation organization to restore all the remains of Fort Missoula.

Fort Seward, twin building to 1714 Middle Street

Fort Seward in Haines Alaska, circa 1900

Fort Yellowstone Canteen

Fort Yellowstone Canteen in Yellowstone Natl Park

Northern Rockies Heritage Center

Now home to Heritage Hall, a venue for weddings and parties in beautiful Missoula, MT

What I love most about 1714 Middle Street – and most of the historic homes on the register – is that it is loved for the memories it holds. Owners of historic homes take pride in preserving their original amenities and features. These owners not only did that, but created a place to enjoy the the modern conveniences of today without destroying the charm of yesterday.Sullivans Island historic register

So a note to the next owners of this unique home – preserve, enjoy and love it as much as everyone has since the turn of the century. It deserves it.

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Container ship on the horizonContainer ship in B and WContainer ship sillouetteClimbing container ship

The weight of the container ship easing around the bend of the island was almost overwhelming. I wanted to portray that heaviness with the tilt of my lens – as if the ship had to muscle through the calm waters.

Container ship in the distance

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This poor porch…

An unloved porchIt could be so lovely. Unfortunately it has seen its fair share of short term relationships. A rare week-to-week rental on Sullivan’s Island, this porch gets used, abused and then reused. And all it really wants is someone to give it a real chance at love. A long, lasting relationship. Someone who will sweep its floor on fall mornings, clothe it with warm, inviting furniture, and relax on it during summer nights. It has so much potential…it could be this:

A loved porch

Remember this porch from a few months back? A warm, loved porch

It even wraps around, overlooking a private pool..

A lonely porch with a great viewSullivans Island home with a poolThis porch even comes with an added bonus…an additional porch! Located off the master suite, this porch could set the mood for romantic evenings and lazy mornings. It offers views of the Atlantic and privacy of the island’s natural dunes. But for now, it must settle for week long flings or 3 day romances.

Master Suite Private PorchGive these porches the family of their dreams… Buy it today, for only $2,250,000. 🙂 If the porches are feeling generous, they will throw in 6 bedrooms, 5 baths and over 5,000 square feet of luxury beach charm.

Why not take a walk through tour? Click here. Then give me a call and I’ll set up a showing for you!

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Sullivans Island is a special place…especially for dogs.

Before noon, the beach belongs to dogs. Allowed off leash, the shoreline morphs into a puppy paradise…the mother of all bark parks…an endless tract of territory unmarked. They are free to run, and swim, and dig. All shapes, colors and sizes are welcome…at sunrise, it’s a dog’s beach. Sullivans Island is for dogsIt is Saturday mornings on Sullivans Island when my soul is at ease, and Biscuits’ too. There is something intangibly good about a dog at play. The happiness a dog feels at the beach is contagious. I know this because it is on these mornings when I have met some of the nicest people in the city. And I am convinced it is because our dogs bring out the goodness in our hearts.

Man's Best Friend

So next Saturday, change it up a little. Go for a jog or sip your morning coffee on Sullivans. You and your dog will be equally grateful. (Just make sure to read up on Sullivans Island beach rules before you go…yes, you will get a hefty ticket if you break them.)

Below are photos I took this weekend at the beach with Biscuit. Prepare for utter cuteness.

Yellow Lab on Sullivans Island beachAnxious Yellow Lab patiently awaits beach time!

Beach Dog ParkHappy dogs…happy humans.

Digging DogDigging for fiddlers

Walking golden retrieverA Golden Retriever walks loyally with owner

Happy Biscuit in the surfHappy Biscuit

Pensive Biscuit on the beachPensive Biscuit

Maltese getting warm!

Maltese Dog at the beachA cute Maltese named JJ tries to warm up in owners arms!

Golden Retriever chasing ball in waterMission: Retrieve

Retriever doing her jobJob well done!

Biscuit Portrait 1Biscuit Portrait 2Biscuit Portrait 3Biscuit Closeups

Fast terriors runningCharge!

Exercise class with dogsExercising dogs in a pack

Spaniel on Sullivans IslandDog Rules for Sullivans IslandBiscuit loves Sullivans.

But she is beginning to tire.

Leaving the beachSo it’s time for her mid-morning snooze.

Until next time…

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Nothing describes quintessential Charleston life like the photograph below (if you replace the cat with a dog…no offense cat lovers, but a dog would be so much more fitting to lounge on this porch):

Cat lounging in the shadeWhen the owners built this home in the mid 1990’s, they had one thought in mind – owning a million dollar view. And their investment paid off, because right now…they literally own a million dollar view…this home is currently on the market for $945,000. And here is what you get for that pretty little penny.Amazing Charleston PorchHome with waterfront viewDock on a tidal creek

Is that the Sullivans Island light house I see in the distance? I believe it is…(oh how the wide angle lens distorts the view…the photo below is the ACTUAL view)

Lighthouse on Sullivans - a view from the porchHere are some of my favorite shots from my morning spent on this gorgeous porch.

Reflecting HomeMirrored ViewsSullivans in B&WWant to check out the home? Click here or view the video tour below, created by our amazing videographers at Keen Eye Marketing.

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A few quick shots from the sunrise this morning leaving sullivan’s island. taken spur of the moment from a moving car. Luckily my camera settings were on point! Better quality photos, shot with more love and attention to composition coming soon 🙂

Sunrise at the beachBeach skyTechnicolor Sunrise

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